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Great for cyclist.

7/22/2020 by Melinda

My hubby likes to cycle for long hours. Usually gets caught out in the dark. Loves these.


Great gift that works

2/28/2020 by Susan

I purchased one pair for Christmas gift and my friend just loved them. With two recharging batteries made it so easy for her. I gave second pair to sister who was so very impressed. Both persons used for electrical and plumbing and they were fantastic!


Wife loves them for walks

10/31/2019 by Russell

Wife walks at night and these work great for her.


No more dark cupboards!

6/23/2019 by Nancy

I have deep closets and cupboards and usually have to resort to using a flash light to find things, which is a hassle. With these lighted gloves I can see everything and my hands are free to move stuff around.
These are also great for the outdoors whether walking or gathering wood, and since no one likes to be surprised by a big spider hiding in the woodpile these really come in handy. The uses for these gloves is endless.
Im ready to order a second pair to keep in my car for emergencies.
I ordered the medium and the fit was perfect! The glove itself is soft and extremely comfortable.


Great for low-light running

11/7/2018 by Tracy

These are a great addition to my lighting for running. I usually run early in the morning in a rural area, where very little ambient light is available. These are sufficient by themselves to provide adequate visibility for running, but would need to be supplemented for biking. For those worried about the half fingers in the winter, mittens are available, and the lights are interchangeable. I am very happy that I found these!



11/2/2018 by Deb

These gloves are amazingly comfortable and totally worth the time to order a pair or two!!! So many uses, such as walking the dog, lighting a dark path walking in a parking lot, or working under the sink. I love these gloves!!!!


Tey're a great gift for runners!

10/5/2018 by Nancy A

I bought these as a gift for my sister who is a runner, She runs very early in the morning and she was thrilled to receive them. She wears them every morning!


A big hit

10/5/2018 by Deborah

When I read about these gloves, I knew I had to get them for my daughter and son-in-law who are avid, bikers, hikers and runners - often before or after the sun rises or sets. They LOVE them.


Like car-headlights on your hands

9/30/2018 by Susan

I am so happy with these MangataLites Rechargeable Lighted Gloves. My friends and I are training for race season and several lights were out at the park we run through. She had a head lamp and I had my gloves. My gloves were able to light the way much brighter and much wider area. I always have them with me now. Love them!!



7/25/2018 by Deborah

My niece loves them. Runs marathons and the gloves have really helped!!!!

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The MangataLites Story

See and be seen—thanks to gloves.

LED Gloves

Mary Tiffin needed night running lights because she was jogging after her kids were in bed. When she couldn’t find lights that suited her, Mary invented RunLites (now MangataLites) fingerless gloves and Hand-Slings.

Her designs are low-profile, breathable, and lightweight, with a rechargeable LED light tucked into a pocket on each hand. The lights illuminate an ultra-bright, 135-degree arc up to 30 feet ahead of you. And on a single charge, each light can shine for 48 hours of use.

We tried the gloves while running and biking, and were impressed with their comfort and brightness, which helped
us see—and be seen—better. We think the gloves are a smart addition for anyone out and about in low light, like early morning dog walkers or post-bedtime runners like Mary. Read More Read Less