Modular Push-Through Pill Organizer Case of 12

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Love how easy these are to fill

6/15/2020 by Laura

After reading a review I ordered the yellow and gray pill organizer. These are so easy to use and like the review I read I use the yellow side for my morning med's as it's easy to remember yellow for sunshine. I have 6 large pills and several small pills and they all fit well


Best Ever

6/6/2020 by John

Easy to fill & only twice a month!


Best in My Book

6/5/2020 by Bernice

I take nine prescriptions every day between my morning and nights. Add supplements to that and it equals a lot of pills. Until I found these, I wasn’t able find any organizer large enough. After I got and used the first of this organizer, I immediately ordered a second. I only have to set my meds up twice a month and they stay fresh, handy and neat. And when traveling, you can leave the rack at home and just toss the individual modules in your suitcase with no fear of them opening and dumping your meds all over your clothes. I highly recommend this system.


Best of many!

5/13/2020 by Joan

My husband takes many pills daily and we've tried so many pill dispensers unsuccessfully. This one does the trick! I bought yellow-gray combo colors so it's easy to remember (sunny morning and grey evening). Easy to open (pills don't go flying) and enough room to get the pills out. I measure the week's pills by putting them on top, checking that all are there, and then pushing them in. Safe way of checking that daily doses are correct. We really like this product!


Love it

5/9/2020 by Patricia

Bought two. One for myself and hubby. Works great and is big enough to include our vitamins. Great find!



5/7/2020 by Kathy

This is exactly what I have been looking for! Due to the number of medications and supplements, I take twice daily this is perfect! The size of each daily pod is great for arthritic hands to hold. The am and pm sections hold all my meds and the top is easy to open and close. While traveling I take the daily pods I will need in a pretty drawstring makeup bag. I couldn't be happier.


easy for old tired hands

4/9/2020 by Debra

I am a senior with rheumatoid arthritis. This organizer makes it easy for me to fill my prescriptions. The pods are large and easy to handle.


easy to use

3/27/2020 by Roberta

easy to use


Go ahead and try

1/21/2020 by Sandra

Awesome pill holder...easy to fill without dropping some pills on the cat's head. Large enough to hold an array of life-saving heart pills. Easy to retrieve. Blue and chartreuse color easy to find in a messy, very messy, house. Don't buy it if you are trying to be subtle about needing meds.


Excellent product.

1/5/2020 by Jane

Excellent quality, easy to use. Super helpful!

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The Sagely Story

Sagely | Modular Push-Through Pill Organizer

Push & Prep

Sagely pill organizer was invented by Ellie Glazer and Ivor Miskulin, a husband-and-wife team who sought the perfect pill box for Ivor’s grandfather’s medication. The duo spent three years designing their ideal solution.

Easy to set up—and just as easy to use—this organizer has flexibility built into every detail. The modular system is made up of seven roomy and clear pods that fit into a magnetic base. Pop out what you need for daily use or travel. Flexible lids make it a snap to fill a pod—just push pills through the lid—and a two-toned color scheme differentiates day use from night. Pair
with the free reminder app to make keeping track of medication as stress-free as can be. Read More Read Less