Spare Me

5-in-1 Rescue Tool Case of 12

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Sturdy; practical

12/28/2019 by Julie

I gave it to my husband for Christmas. He was impressed with the design and quality. He hasn't actually used it yet, so I can't say how well it actually worked.


Excellent design

5/10/2019 by Joe

A well thought out tool. Has a good balance and is sturdy. Hope I don’t have to it often but I’m glad I will have it.


Spare Me: 5-1 Rescue Tool

2/13/2019 by Gladys

I bought a few of these. I gave to my daughter, my son, my son-in-law and a friend. I think it's a great idea and very versatile. I don't think anyone of them have had to use theirs yet.


Handy, trunk ready tool!

12/30/2018 by Brad

Listening to my niece describe how her car got stuck after turning around in a muddy driveway prompted getting several of these for all the young drivers in the family. That niece - Used it the first week she had it! Came in handy and a simple but effective tool for the trunk.


a very SOLID tool

12/11/2018 by Jennifer

i like having this in the car with me - feels VERY solid. kind of hoping i won't have to use it!


Spare Me multi tool.

9/9/2018 by Dwaine

Very thoughtful design, excellent material and production.
I installed a handle grip using the 'Re-GRIP' sold on Grommet.
Bought 2, one for my gal and one for me.


Great tool

3/2/2018 by Teri

Have had snow since I got it...Love the concept!


was as adverised

1/1/2018 by robert

was as advertised


5-in-One tool

12/31/2017 by Rosalia

I bought two of these tools--gifts for two different men in my family. One person loved loved loved it. The other person hasn't said whether he liked it or not. It's the perfect gift. Whenever I get around to having a car again, I plan to buy a new one for me.


Great versatile tool for your vehicle

11/4/2017 by ANTHONY

This is one of the most amazing and versatile tools that you can carry in your vehicle. It’s perfect for use as an ice/snow scraper but even more useful to help me rotate tires (35”) on my Jeep. The tires are big and heavy. I use this tool as a lever under the tire to raise it and inch or so to line up the mounting studs with the mounting holes on the wheel to make it easier than trying to use muscle power to lift it. It’s working out great. The plastic tool looks to be strong enough to get the job done.

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The Spare Me Story

This five-in-one tool is a roadside must-have.

Roadside Essential

With this car-emergency tool tucked in the trunk, you’ve got five handy helpers in one slim design.

Made in the USA, Spare Me has five different functions. It provides leverage—for when you're changing a tire. It’s a shovel and ice scraper for wintery weather. It's a lever and a traction aid to help when your tire’s stuck on a slippery spot.

The idea for Spare Me came to Founder Kevin Kliers when he watched a mechanic change a tire . . . and roll it onto his foot for leverage. Kevin knew he could create a better (and safer) way to do it.

Spare Me is injection molded from heavy duty nylon
resin, but is surprisingly light at only 13 ounces. The streamlined design stows easily in the trunk or backseat, where it’s ready to lend a hand whenever you need it. Read More Read Less