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The Best!

5/29/2019 by Amanda

I tried many chargers for my car and was never really satisfied with any of them. This charger adheres securely to the car vent, it will not fall off. It also holds it a little farther away from the vent so the cold or the heat isn't blowing to directly on the phone. I recommend getting one.



8/7/2018 by Joe

This wireless charger is great! Before I placed an order, I was concerned the charger wouldn't work with the plastic case I was using BUT it wasn't a problem! The combo of the charger and bracket are a Must Buy !


It works, BUT...

10/2/2018 by Maria

Write better instructions. I had to get it positioned just right for it to charge my phone (I-phone 8 plus). And pay attention to whether your vents are vertical or horizontal. It is more difficult to install on vertical vents.



8/21/2018 by Anna

So this magnetic charger is really small and weak--in order to get it to charge my iPhone X I would have to take it out of it's cover. It has a nice fabric covered cable, but when I got it out to my car, the jack was bent so it is unusable. I had bought this thinking I was buying the set--when I got it and realized the car vent mount was sold separately, I had to order that too. All of this was going on during a hectic summer and I stupidly threw away the packaging so I'm stuck with an expensive charger and mount.

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The Square Jellyfish Story

Square Jellyfish | Cellphone Holder

Mount & Charge

Square Jellyfish is all about making our connected-to-our-phones lives better. Their air vent phone holder, tripod mount, and wireless car charger are built to double-up on holding phones and charging them at the same time.

The air vent mount has a sneaky metal hook in the back that—unlike many other vent-based mounts—keeps it extra-securely tethered. A spring-loaded grip holds a phone and case up to four inches wide, and a pivot ball joint lets you rotate and tilt to get the just-right angle—perfect if you’re using it with a GPS. If your phone is induction charging, add the wireless charging
pad to the mount to power up at the same time.

The tripod mount does the same hold-and-display job on spots like a desk or countertop, and it also works with the wireless charger. The compact design folds down to easily stow away, or pop in your bag to always have this smart solution on-hand.
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