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Tile™ Starter Kit Case of 18

Reviews (3.8 out of 5 Grommets)

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Very nice key organizer

1/10/2020 by Milton

I have found that The Tile Smart Location Key Organizer that I purchased works well with my keys. I had a little trouble getting all 8 keys to fit but ,once I worked it out, I have enjoyed not having a bundle of keys floating around in my pocket. It also makes it easier to unlock doors having the extra grip on the key I am using. The light has been helpful too. I have had one occasion where I had misplaced my phone. I enabled the tile finder and my phone started playing a musical tune that was easy to locate.


Best Idea Ever

8/25/2019 by Linda

I’ve gifted several smart keys and plan to purchase many more. They work great and I haven’t lost my keys since I started using it. Attractive, sleek, and the most useful gadget I’ve seen in awhile.


Works as advertised

6/16/2019 by Sheri

I have a tendency to lose my keys (in my own house), so this is just what I needed!

It works great. So great, I'm back to buy more for family members.


Beyond Smart!

7/26/2018 by Leslie

I don't know how I lived without this! I always seem to have a lot of keys that jingle and get tangled in my purse. I also tend to put them down while attending to things in my hectic life and lose track of them. Not only do I not have to worry about misplaced keys anymore, I love how this feels in my hand. And because of the shape, it's easier to find in my purse. Thank you for this wonderful invention!


Awesome Grommet!

3/30/2018 by Nathan

I bought this for my wife. She loves it. The sleek design and the way the keys are not a clump and noisy anymore is fantastic. Great key and phone finder, too!


A great idea

11/4/2017 by Carol

It isn’t my keys that get lost but my Phone disappears like magic off and on all day long. I always have my keys in my pocket so it was the best time saver I ever bought. I used to spend hours a day looking for my phone. Well no more!! I just pop my key Smart out of my pocket and hit the button twice and my phone sings out loud!! Under papers and inside the sofa and even the next room.



11/3/2017 by Patricia

I really like my key ring...I use the light a lot and like the idea if I misplace my keys I can find them...



2/3/2020 by Maria

It's definitely great for keeping your keys in 1 neat stack. Unfortunately, like my SOI pack, this became more of a dead weight and just another key chain to use. I have to charge it often just to keep it synced or else when you need to find it, it may be out of power and would be completely useless. Perhaps if it can be recharged wirelessly, I can just toss it on a wireless charging pad with my phone and don't have to worry about plugging it up when I get home.


If only...

3/22/2018 by Lee

Now if someone could make one of these that could import the multiple electronic key fobs I have (multiple cars, garage door, home alarm, etc) I would buy it in a heartbeat :)


Too small

1/7/2020 by Lynn

Gave this to my adult son. He needs more key space. Any suggestions? One of these key things has an additional add-on for space. Several business vehicles, etc.

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The KeySmart Story

Keysmart update v3

No Jangles

It looks like a small army knife, but instead of holding a bevvy of tools, this clever little invention contains keys. Smaller than a pack of gum, KeySmart is a compact key holder designed to neatly and comfortably fit in your pocket. No bulk and not one jingle or jangle.

Made from aircraft aluminum and stainless steel hardware, hand sanded and hard coated, the KeySmart is as lightweight as it is durable. Unlike traditional key chains, KeySmart makes it super simple to swap your keys in and out. It can even be expanded to hold up to 10 keys.

The creator of KeySmart, Michael Tunney, wants to
change the way people think about carrying keys. Minimalist styling. Maximum functionality. That’s the idea behind this patented problem solver.

In 2019, KeySmart evolved their everyday carry products and designed other game-changing accessories that pack more function into less space. The new “Urban Gear” line includes tech organizers, wallets, and a commuter backpack that is comfortable to carry and makes organization easy. Whether your commute involves a train, the rain, or a plane, the new minimalist KeySmart accessories have you covered.
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