2.0 Minimalist Wallet

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Great Product!

12/2/2015 by Frank

Great Great product. I had the proverbial "George Costanza" wallet the was getting ready to bust at the seams and always causing issues. Decide to downsize to this and couldn't be any happier.

Some of the previous comments about it not allowing enough CC's or "stuff" are nonsense. If it was too lose, would defeat the whole point. Wish they would have sent it to me instead of throwing away. Regardless, with a few months of works itself in and is perfect now. Had a few buddies ask me where to get one so I've converted a few along the way. Buy'll be happy


Simpler and more secure now

10/8/2015 by Rudy

I'm very pleased with this wallet. I wouldn't mind slightly more width in the currency compartment, and it will be interesting to see how well it works for international travel with currency of various sizes. But it has significantly lightened my load, and even caused me to move my wallet from a rear to a side pocket, which is more secure (zippered) and more convenient. Thanks for a nice product.


My new favorite wallet

10/5/2015 by Frosty

Like so many of us, I thought I needed lots of "stuff" ie cards, credit cards, membership cards etc. When I really thought about it, all I need is a drivers license, the movie pass and a couple credit cards. Probably could leave the movie pass in the car.. After using the minimalist for a couple weeks, I ended up buying a couple more for gifts to my buddies. Check back in a year to see how there holding up, but going forward I'm extremely happy with it.


What I was looking for.

9/9/2015 by Robert

Very convenient. Does not replace full wallet but allows me to carry a few essentials and some cash, at all times. My daughter, who is a massage therapist, has severely chastised me for carrying a bulky wallet in my back pocket - I can leave the big one in my car or in the house and shove my TGT in my front pocket.


Nightcall Wallet wins

9/9/2015 by David

I'm extremely happy with the purchase. I've carried around a bulky wallet forever and this is such a nice change. I can easily carry this in my front pocket, it's well made and forces me to carry only what I need eliminating all the excess. I highly recommend this if you're looking to minimize what you carry and want a quality product.


It just works

9/8/2015 by Michael

I have had this about a month and I just love it. I like it so much that I bought another for my wife. It's just like they say.


TGT Nightcall 2.0 Minimalist Wallet

9/8/2015 by Rebecca

With my husband's employer-provided iPhone in a huge rubber case, he really appreciates the smaller footprint of his new TGT wallet! We've only just received it; however, so far, the quality seems excellent!


Quality product but a tight fit

5/3/2017 by Joy

My husband likes this wallet but has commented that it's just a little too compact to hold the basic cards (about 4) & cash he needs daily. He's still using it though, just wishes it would stretch a bit more.


This product in on the way

3/4/2016 by Gary

I unlike a lot of people carry quite a bit of cash, This product is really quite good, but it is just a little too small.' The pocket designed for cash is just too tight. The edges of the leather protrude into the space for cash, and make it really difficult to get any amount other than a couple of bill in it. It is a great idea, I am still looking for a little more flexibility. I use it everyday, but need a little more space for cash.


Meets all promises

10/28/2015 by Mary

The wallet is great for what it is advertised. To carry money and a few cards it does the job perfectly. The elastic to hold the cards was very tight at first, it is loosening up now we will see how it holds up.

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The TGT Story

What kind of wallet incites a crowd?

Slim Sensation

TGT elastic minimalist wallets had their start in a grocery store. Founder Jack Sutter noticed a friend using the rubber band from a bunch of broccoli as a wallet in an effort to reduce bulk in his jeans.

Jack, a designer, created TGT—an incredibly low-profile wallet that’s a (significant) sophisticated improvement. Each one is made by local artisans from durable elastic that’s sourced and custom designed on the East Coast. There is a tiny, attached pouch made of ultra-soft, premium leather.

Tuck your cards in the band, your bills in the pouch, and you’re ready to go. Since TGT has such a low
profile, you can fit it in a back or front pocket and still have room.

As a fun side note, the packaging also started in a grocery store; one of Jack’s designer friends created the first prototype out of a cereal box.

TGT wallets won’t wear out your clothes like a bulky wallet can. They proved so popular on Kickstarter they became its most successful campaign for a wallet to date. They perfectly reflect TGT’s mission to “keep it simple, keep it tight.”
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