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11/29/2014 by eileen

I got this for my niece who has a narrow stairway with an abrupt turn leading to her laundry room - she loves it! She said it's so much easier than trying to turn a standard plastic basket around the turn!


The BetterBasket is Really Better

11/24/2014 by Wendy

I can't believe how much I love this laundry basket. I was a bit skeptical when I was buying it, but I'm thrilled that I took the chance. It holds a lot, more than it appears to hold. It is super easy to carry - I have a set of stairs and I'm no longer young - and distributes the weight nicely. It's much less unwieldy than a conventional laundry basket. And it's the correct size and shape for holding folded laundry. The sides do collapse a bit when it's empty, but I haven't found it to be a real problem when I'm loading clothes into it. As soon as a few things are in it, it stays upright and is easy to stack. And I especially like that it folds up when it's not in use, so I don't have laundry baskets kicking around. Very happy with this innovative laundry basket!



11/19/2014 by Kay

This is a much more durable quality than most of the comparable mesh baskets out there. Strong seams and strong mesh. It doesn't fold as flat as the cheaper versions but that's because the material is more substantial so I'm fine with that trade-off. I'm very happy with this purchase.


Great find!

11/11/2014 by SUE

I am so glad I discovered this. I struggled with carrying a full and heavy laundry basket up and down the stairs. I would dread doing laundry because of that. Not anymore! Problem solved. So easy to carry and holds a lot of laundry. I plan to order more! Thank you!


Great basket!

11/8/2014 by Jennifer

Light weight and easy to carry.


Portable, durable, versatile, stores compactly

10/16/2014 by Janet K

I was very glad after months of looking to find the BetterBasket to replace a battered wicker basket whose handles were long gone and the rest of which I had mended with string and tape. I don't care for the appearance of plastic baskets, and the only alternatives seemed to be various elongated containers that would have been awkward for a petite person like me to carry. The lightweight, flexible fabric and multiple handles of the BetterBasket make carrying a full load of laundry even easier than with the old wicker basket. And no more string and tape repairs.


It works great

8/4/2014 by Keyla

My Tween loves this for carting her laundry up & down stairs. It holds quite a lot.



7/13/2014 by Vivian Linda

Makes toting laundry to the basement easy and safe for me. Highly recommend for anyone who have to take laundry up and down stairs.



7/9/2014 by Nadine

Purchased the 3 chamber basket due to necessity of our dryer breaking in the midst of relocating soon, and did not want to have to buy a new dryer yet. My husband is out of commission due to Achilles' tendon surgery , and needed something to haul my load to the laundry mat. Holds a ton, and then when we're settled in our new place, it can be used for our beach gear in the truck! Buy one, and you'll see!


Terrific present

7/7/2014 by Gail

Great HS Graduation Present for a college bound young person. It is organized, useful and attractive.

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The BetterBasket Story

The BetterBasket

No More Drastic Plastic

Anyone who has tried navigating stairs and narrow hallways carrying a full laundry basket knows how unwieldy the hard plastic baskets can be. Tom Goth, a plastics expert and father of two, decided to do something about it after tripping too many times and cracking too many laundry baskets. His invention is called the BetterBasket.

The BetterBasket is great for laundry, toys, sports equipment, recycling items and whatever else you need to tote or store. It’s made from a woven mesh fabric that’s intentionally see-through so you can watch where you’re walking (fewer stubbed toes). We really like
that it’s flexible, but not flimsy. The fabric and binding are sturdy enough to keep it upright when you’ve got a few items in it. Another useful feature is the built-in partition for separating items. The 27-inch basket has three compartments, and the 20-inch basket has two compartments.

Four sturdy straps allow for one-handed carrying, so you can tote your stuff and grab a handrail or hold a child’s hand at the same time. And when you’re not using it, the BetterBasket folds flat for easy storage. But we’re guessing you won’t be putting it away very often.
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