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Great for us old folks

10/2/2013 by ELIZABETH

Great for older people who can hold it with one hand while holding the railing with the other. Also, you don't have to look "over" the plastic laundry basket to see the steps.


easy to carry

9/21/2013 by Susan

I have trouble carrying a regular laundry basket up and down stairs due to bad knees. This is perfect for getting the laundry and hangers up and down. I can separate the loads and use it as a hamper and it is light enough even with a full load of laundry to carry easily.


I like the 2 better than the 3 now.

9/1/2013 by Desmond

When our three boys were smaller, I liked the 3 compartment, one for each for each of their clean clothes. but now that they boys are all grown (the youngest is 18!) I like the 2 compartment because each compartment is larger. These work great for clean clothes as well as dirty clothes. A top notch Grommet, in my view.



7/19/2013 by Linda

We purchased the 3 compartment Better Basket to use in our RV as a hamper while traveling on extended vacations. We are able to sort the laundry as we go -- plus it's all in one easy to transport high quality container. Great buy!


Storage made easy

5/23/2018 by Linda

This make storage easy you can see what is in container and handles make it handy.


Love this basket!

4/2/2018 by Kristin

This basket holds a lot of clothes and is easy to carry downstairs to the laundry room. It is great for sorting too. It's a bit tricky to fold flat to store, but otherwise a great purchase.


The Better Basket

4/16/2015 by Malynn

Almost too big for me to carry; but wonderful just the same.


I like it

2/24/2015 by Alexandra

I like how convenient this basket is for laundry. It is foldable, has three compartments and handles. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is that I wish the compartments were a little bigger.


Very Helpful

10/8/2014 by Daniel

We have already found it useful and very helpful in the laundry. Given that we do not only our own clothes but our grandchildren's, this has made dragging clean clothes to the sorting area in front of the TV much easier. Now if we could only figure out how to attach wheels . . .


For the most part, I am in love!

10/7/2014 by Sharon

This is well made. I love the fact that it fold up for easy storage and it makes it a lot easier for me to take our clothing down to the basement. The only thing I wish was it was just a little bit taller.....otherwise, it's perfect!

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The BetterBasket Story

The BetterBasket

No More Drastic Plastic

Anyone who has tried navigating stairs and narrow hallways carrying a full laundry basket knows how unwieldy the hard plastic baskets can be. Tom Goth, a plastics expert and father of two, decided to do something about it after tripping too many times and cracking too many laundry baskets. His invention is called the BetterBasket.

The BetterBasket is great for laundry, toys, sports equipment, recycling items and whatever else you need to tote or store. It’s made from a woven mesh fabric that’s intentionally see-through so you can watch where you’re walking (fewer stubbed toes). We really like
that it’s flexible, but not flimsy. The fabric and binding are sturdy enough to keep it upright when you’ve got a few items in it. Another useful feature is the built-in partition for separating items. The 27-inch basket has three compartments, and the 20-inch basket has two compartments.

Four sturdy straps allow for one-handed carrying, so you can tote your stuff and grab a handrail or hold a child’s hand at the same time. And when you’re not using it, the BetterBasket folds flat for easy storage. But we’re guessing you won’t be putting it away very often.
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