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Didn't work well for laundry

9/23/2013 by Larry

Because the sides don't stand up straight it's difficult to get laundry in them. I've resorted to using one in my trunk where I don't have to get into it that much.



7/19/2013 by Jonathan

too large and awkward for groceries, mayt be better on the beach scene



10/17/2016 by BEn

nice idea, but the basket does not stand up at all. It is a struggle to get folded laundry in the compartments.

No easier than three laundry baskets.



7/2/2016 by Martha

It is hard to get it to stay up until all 3 compartments are full. It just is nothing special.

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The BetterBasket Story

The BetterBasket

No More Drastic Plastic

Anyone who has tried navigating stairs and narrow hallways carrying a full laundry basket knows how unwieldy the hard plastic baskets can be. Tom Goth, a plastics expert and father of two, decided to do something about it after tripping too many times and cracking too many laundry baskets. His invention is called the BetterBasket.

The BetterBasket is great for laundry, toys, sports equipment, recycling items and whatever else you need to tote or store. It’s made from a woven mesh fabric that’s intentionally see-through so you can watch where you’re walking (fewer stubbed toes). We really like
that it’s flexible, but not flimsy. The fabric and binding are sturdy enough to keep it upright when you’ve got a few items in it. Another useful feature is the built-in partition for separating items. The 27-inch basket has three compartments, and the 20-inch basket has two compartments.

Four sturdy straps allow for one-handed carrying, so you can tote your stuff and grab a handrail or hold a child’s hand at the same time. And when you’re not using it, the BetterBasket folds flat for easy storage. But we’re guessing you won’t be putting it away very often.
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