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The Blessing Flower

Centered Necklace

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Reviews (3.2 out of 5 Grommets)

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4/11/2016 by Dell

I received my Blessing flower today after ordering it just 6 days ago! So far it is really nice! I would like to consider sending to my 3 daughters but there is nothing in my box describing where the flowers comes from originally. I was hoping it would say the desert of the Holy land but does not mention this at all! I intend on wearing this tomorrow as I am most anxious to show this to my new boss who is the new Pastor at the church where I am the Church Office Administrator. I know she will love this but now I have to print out the article giving more information which I thought would be included.It has now been about 50 minutes and it appears to have started to close a little bit! I purchased the balanced one and really love it! It reminds me so much of my favorite flower (sunflower)! Also when it opens, it to me reminds me of God'Love for all!



5/17/2018 by Michele

I love the concept of this blooming flower; but, it starts to close after about 25 minutes. When it is open, it’s really pretty and such a conversation piece.


Neat idea

5/14/2018 by Charles

I like the flower idea. The necklace and the piece the flower mount to are both cheap and surprisingly ugly. Unfortunately, my wife was not impressed.


Flower did not open

7/10/2016 by Sharon

The quality of the necklace looked very good; however, the flower never opened with water on it. I had to return the item -- but was very sorry it did not work out. The name of the flower was very special and I thought it would have been a great gift for my daughter.


Birthday gift

8/1/2018 by Sly

The thought was great but product is very CHEAP LOOKING. Not sterling silver.
I asked my sister to return it and we can go out to dinner instead. Too bad they didn’t think to use a higher grade material.



8/1/2018 by Rebecca

My necklace arrived and I was disappointed to see the metal circle and chain were very tarnished! The flower is as described, but circle and chain look so very cheap!! Charge more and put on STERLING SILVER! Not as it appears on GROMMET. Can’t return now ... it’s for a birthday gift tomorrow. Later I will have local artisan create sterling silver and use the flower.


Liked it better on line

5/15/2018 by Gail

I returned it.


Very interesting and wanted for Mother's Day for my wife

5/14/2018 by John

The flower opened and closed ok. Not as dramatic as the video.

However the chain looks cheaper than the one in the picture.

But the most annoying thing was it was completely tarnished!

Didn't expect that for the money.

Can it be sent back for a better one?


Not pleased

7/10/2017 by Jean

Returned this item, looked very cheap didn't appear to be sterling. Return was very simple though.


this was not what I expected!!

6/23/2017 by Jere

I hated this necklace. When it bloomed, it as ugly and the color was morbid. I don't have the receipt, so I just threw it in the trash. I was very disapointed!!!

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The Blessing Flower Story

Real flowers that bloom for 30 years.

Everlasting Bloom

Reblooming flower necklaces are as lovely as they sound. Each one features the tiny desert flower known as The Blessing Flower. With just a few drops of water, the dried bud opens its petals—and stays that way for about an hour. It can bloom and re-bloom for up to 30 years.

Apply your own meaning to this everlasting blossom. It can symbolize a new beginning, signify hope, or remind you of someone special.

Maker Galya Harish discovered this ancient flower while hiking in the Israeli desert—she was mesmerized when it closed right before her eyes. She decided to share her find by making the
flower wearable. After years of trial and error she succeeded in growing this magical flower in greenhouses. Galya carefully selects around only 20% of the blossoms to make into her jewelry.

Wear it yourself or give it to a loved one. A little bud that continually springs to life can’t help but be inspirational.
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