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The Blessing Flower

Eternal Love Necklace

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Reviews (4.8 out of 5 Grommets)

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Perfect Mother's Day gift

5/28/2017 by Debra

Beautiful and unique! Great conversational piece for all to enjoy. Delivered fast too!


Great gift!

5/18/2017 by Andrea

I purchased 3 of these for Mother's Day. They are beautiful & were all very well received and adored. The only issue we had was that it takes more than a drop of water to open them (maybe 3-4 drops) and up to 5 minutes to open. Other than that, they're lovely! I would definitely recommend them!


Beautiful Necklace

1/25/2017 by Tina

I bought this necklace for my sister. It makes a unique gift and shows someone you really care. With just a couple drops of water the flower opens up and stays open for about 30 minutes.


Great gift!

1/13/2017 by Larry

The Blessing Flower Necklace is truly unique. My wife loves it and her friends all want to know where to get them. (You should look for more orders soon.) Thanks for offering this! Larry



12/21/2016 by Janet

Bought as a gift for my daughter-in-law. I am hoping she loves it as much as I do.


Gift of ALOHA

11/21/2016 by Tracey

I love it, I bought it for my daughter to have long after I'm gone, so she'll feel connected to me.
Flowers are so special to us here in the Islands.
It's beautiful in the opening and closing over an hour's time.
What a fantastic keepsake! T. Worth Honolulu, Hawaii



10/30/2016 by Bonnie

A very special flower. We recently lost our sister to cancer. With this necklace I feel her near me. Thank you


great gift

7/11/2016 by Ismet

Got this for my wife she and everyone else loves it especially when it blooms.


Love it

7/8/2016 by Cindy

I bought this necklace for my mom who has cancer. My kids gave it to her for a early birthday gift and she loved it. She showed all of her friends who came to visit how the drop of water opened the flower. This was her joy. She has passed away a few days ago and my kids and I will have this memory for many years to come. Anytime we want to "see" her we just open the flower-her love and memory lives on with this item.


Gorgeous and Fun mixed together

7/1/2016 by Anton

This product arrived immediately and was/is exactly as described. This gift really thrilled my wife, and I have given her a lot of jewelry over our years together, and this was a super surprise for our 43rd anniversary.

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The Blessing Flower Story

Real flowers that bloom for 30 years.

Everlasting Bloom

Reblooming flower necklaces are as lovely as they sound. Each one features the tiny desert flower known as The Blessing Flower. With just a few drops of water, the dried bud opens its petals—and stays that way for about an hour. It can bloom and re-bloom for up to 30 years.

Apply your own meaning to this everlasting blossom. It can symbolize a new beginning, signify hope, or remind you of someone special.

Maker Galya Harish discovered this ancient flower while hiking in the Israeli desert—she was mesmerized when it closed right before her eyes. She decided to share her find by making the
flower wearable. After years of trial and error she succeeded in growing this magical flower in greenhouses. Galya carefully selects around only 20% of the blossoms to make into her jewelry.

Wear it yourself or give it to a loved one. A little bud that continually springs to life can’t help but be inspirational.
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