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The Blessing Flower

Eternal Love Necklace

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Reviews (4.8 out of 5 Grommets)

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6/30/2016 by Judith

Wasn't sure it would be what they said but it was so much more...gave the necklace to my daughter and she loved it! The flower opens quickly and stays open for some time. Thinking of buying myself it!


Great conversation piece

6/29/2016 by Betty

This necklace is very different. I don't wear it all the time as I'm scared I'll damage the flower. I bought this for a different reason. We had a scare with my grandson's health. I bought this thinking I could use it as a if he had a procedure or treatment it would take his mind off of it by watching the flower open & know when it started to close the procedure would be close to being over. Luckily I didn't have to use it because his prognosis was better then expected.



6/20/2016 by Marjorie

I sent this to my sister in law. She teaches in a Christian school. She right away had her own meaning picked out. She amazes the kids with it. She loves it!


Very cool

5/6/2016 by Amanda

I ordered this in gold for a mother's day gift. It is so pretty and so unique. What an amazing idea! I know my mom will love it.



4/22/2016 by Linda

I bought 4 of these in different styles; one for each of my children and grandchildren to also remind them that my love for them will be there forever, no matter what. They can wear it as a necklace and if they're ever feeling low, they can bring out the flower with a few drops of water. I will be buying more of these.


Blessing Flower Necklace - Unique and Lovely

4/22/2016 by Joanne Wabeke

The necklace arrived today and is exactly as I expected. It represents my love for my mother and my love (heart) for Israel. I lived in Jerusalem for a couple of years and still miss it.

This necklace is a wonderful gift idea for those of us looking for a unique, modestly priced item for folks harder to buy gifts for.


nice gift

5/15/2018 by Sharon

gave this as a gift. The person I gave it to commented how I always find the most unique gifts they loved it. Gave it only 4 stars because who keeps putting water on their neck to keep the flower open


Works great.

8/12/2017 by JMG

Mom loved it. Gave it to her for a mother day gift.


Uniquely beautiful

1/15/2017 by Carol

So different than any necklace you could give as a gift. Read about it then attach your own thoughts to make it a truly personalized gift. It can represent so much!


Made a nice gift

1/13/2017 by Stacy

I got this for my mom for Christmas. She really liked it and enjoys having a unique conversation piece. It did fall off once, which is when she found out the clasp doesn't always spring closed by itself; now she just checks for that when she puts it on. I'm glad I got it for her.

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The Blessing Flower Story

Real flowers that bloom for 30 years.

Everlasting Bloom

Reblooming flower necklaces are as lovely as they sound. Each one features the tiny desert flower known as The Blessing Flower. With just a few drops of water, the dried bud opens its petals—and stays that way for about an hour. It can bloom and re-bloom for up to 30 years.

Apply your own meaning to this everlasting blossom. It can symbolize a new beginning, signify hope, or remind you of someone special.

Maker Galya Harish discovered this ancient flower while hiking in the Israeli desert—she was mesmerized when it closed right before her eyes. She decided to share her find by making the
flower wearable. After years of trial and error she succeeded in growing this magical flower in greenhouses. Galya carefully selects around only 20% of the blossoms to make into her jewelry.

Wear it yourself or give it to a loved one. A little bud that continually springs to life can’t help but be inspirational.
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