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The Blessing Flower

Small Cross

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Reviews (4.8 out of 5 Grommets)

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Wife loves it!

5/20/2018 by William

Got this for my wife for mother's day. She loves it. Very unique and meaningful!


Mom loved it!

5/30/2017 by Dave

Please understand, when any one is beyond 90 years of age and financially sound, still able to live in their own home, it is likely that they have pretty much everything they need, and more than likely that they ave way too many trinkets and "collectibles" and really have no more shelf space for random "stuff". That pretty well describes my Mom. As in "Hard to buy for"!

So, I took a chance on this, based upon her deep Christian faith, and her natural curiosity.

When I first showed this flower to her (only after I tested it to be sure it worked), she needed a demonstration before she could understand what it actually was all about, and what the "Blessing Flower" represented.

It took about a minute before the petals began to spread open, and maybe three minutes more for a full bloom. But she stayed right there, enthralled, standing in her walker, bent over in what must have been an uncomfortable pose, watching as intently as a child might watch the hatching of an egg.

She still teaches a Sunday school class, and, someday soon, the "Blessing Flower" will provide the basis of her lesson.

This was well worth the price,and much more. Mom is, frankly, hard to please. But with this gift, Mom was absolutely thrilled!

And, if it does indeed continue to "bloom" for up to thirty years, it may be handed down to her grand ( or even great grand) children.

Where is it written that a wise person will provide an inheritance to their Grandchildren? Look it up.



5/10/2017 by Diane

I ordered 3 of these beautiful crosses - 1 each for our 2 daughters and 1 for our niece. These are Mother's Day gifts. I am extremely pleased with them and I am positive my girls will be too. Happy Mother's Day to all Mothers, Mothers to be and those who should have been Mothers but were unable to be.


Gift for my Mom

1/13/2017 by Gnome

Bought this for my mother as a Christmas gift, she LOVES IT. I didn't want to check it out before she could so we watched together as the flower bloomed... WOW.. beautiful and the story behind it is so wonderful . thank you for such a beautiful gift


Instructions need to be included

12/17/2016 by Jan

I ordered the cross for my elderly mother and had it shipped direct to her. She loves it. She loves it so much that she put it on immediately and wears it constantly. In bed, in the shower and in the pool for her water aerobics class. She said that no instructions were included so I tried explaining how it worked but I'm afraid she may have already ruined it. She said that the clasp was too hard for her to open to put on or take off without help.


Beautiful idea!

12/2/2016 by Kim

This Cross is a beautiful thought of life, and I would love the thought behind the idea of the cross again to share with others!


Great Mother's Day gift

5/15/2018 by Tyler

I bought this for my mom for Mother's Day. I think it's pretty cool, and I think she liked it too!


Very satisfied with product

1/2/2018 by Thomas

Amazing flower, very unique

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The Blessing Flower Story

Real flowers that bloom for 30 years.

Everlasting Bloom

Reblooming flower necklaces are as lovely as they sound. Each one features the tiny desert flower known as The Blessing Flower. With just a few drops of water, the dried bud opens its petals—and stays that way for about an hour. It can bloom and re-bloom for up to 30 years.

Apply your own meaning to this everlasting blossom. It can symbolize a new beginning, signify hope, or remind you of someone special.

Maker Galya Harish discovered this ancient flower while hiking in the Israeli desert—she was mesmerized when it closed right before her eyes. She decided to share her find by making the
flower wearable. After years of trial and error she succeeded in growing this magical flower in greenhouses. Galya carefully selects around only 20% of the blossoms to make into her jewelry.

Wear it yourself or give it to a loved one. A little bud that continually springs to life can’t help but be inspirational.
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