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No more "melting" cookies

10/27/2016 by Denise

These are a great way to enjoy your Oreos! No more losing half the cookie to the bottom of the glass.


Little lifes' annoyance - fixed!

10/24/2016 by Allie

Absolutely in love with this product. It makes life simpler and anyone who eats cookies dunked in milk knows how annoying it is to have wet fingers. Amazing...go buy cookies!


No more milky fingers

6/21/2016 by Rebecca

My son loves Oreos dipped in milk and he loves these dippers!!!



2/24/2016 by Stephanie

Works great! My family loves them!


Awesome little gadget

12/26/2015 by emily

My husband has eaten Oreos and milk with a fork for as long as I can remember. I got these for him for Christmas. Loved it and was jealous he didn't come up with the idea first! Awesome that it's in a set too. Gave them as stocking stuffers for all the Oreo lovers


Fun gift

12/9/2015 by Ed

Bought a set for my son-in-law. He loves them! The grandkids are enjoying them, too!



12/7/2015 by Stacey

Easy to use; works as advertised. I don't understand the negative reviews. It's really simple.


Coolest Spoon !!!!!

9/23/2015 by Tracy

I was so excited to get this cookie spoon in the mail. It is the neatest invention!! Of course I had to try it out the very first night. I so enjoyed my cookies right off of the spoon. I plan to give these in stockings at Christmas this year to my older children. I ordered the red but love the other colors as well.


Great idea!

9/7/2015 by Mary

I loved my set so much, this was my second purchase and was bought as a gift for my nephew who loves to dunk his Oreos.


What took so long?!?

8/29/2015 by Mary

These would have been great when I was a kid and kept dropping my cookie into my milk! Way neater than dunking with my fingers. This way, I can dunk the whole cookie without making a mess! Bought a second set for my nephew because that is one of his and Grandma's favorite memories - dunking Oreos together.

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The Dipr Story

The Big Dipper

Dunking a cookie into a big glass of milk is a childhood memory with which almost all of us can recall. The sticky and messy hands we were left with after each dunk were always so worth it.

Founded by Robert and Julie Haleluk, the Dipr is the ultimate cookie spoon that allows you to enjoy dipping without the added mess or the threat of dropping your cookie into the milk. It is a new type of utensil allowing you to dunk your sandwich cookie in milk, or any other liquid, by cradling the cream. It is available in five fun colors.

Head to the store, grab your favorite cookie and prepare for a slam
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