The Dipr

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the dipr

1/4/2015 by Carol

given to2 people and they like to dip the oreos in milk using this


Love These!

1/3/2015 by Jenny

These are great! I also purchased some for Christmas presents and everyone who received them were thrilled - adults and children! I plan to buy a few more.


They were a hit!

12/29/2014 by Judy

I gave these to most of my family members along with a 3 pack of Double Stuff Oreos. I had them wait to open them all together so nobody would see what others had gotten. They were a hit! Everyone was giggling and saying what a great idea it was to keep their hands clean. Only my sister said, but I've been using a fork. Well, now you have a dipr, silly woman!



12/27/2014 by Bruce

Great stocking stuffer really does work


Love These!

12/8/2014 by Cheryle

This is brilliant. Stocking Stuffers!


A Kid again, but neatly

12/4/2014 by Kevin

Dunking cookies in milk with Mom and Siblings, what great memories. Now I can do it without the fingers into the milk. Got two sets so I could get all of the colors and use them as gift for my now grown children and their children. What a great and inexpensive gift.


Cookie Dunkers Heaven

11/5/2014 by Jerry

I come from a long line of cookie dunkers.
I look forward to putting a significant dent in the Oreo inventory of Alabama when my son and grandsons break these out at Christmas.


hey, they really do work!Thanks

10/25/2014 by Barb

These are really fun and the kids enjoyed them. So much fun that we ate way too many!


Better, I mean Wetter!

9/26/2014 by TP

Just when you thought milk was the best thing for Oreos & other sandwich cookies...along comes The Dipr! No more wet fingers with milk running down to your elbow! Say hello to a mouthful of calcium enriched goodness....just don't choke on the whole cookie at once, or talk with your mouth full. (Your mother will disapprove.) Each of the four Dipr spoons comes individually wrapped. My husband and kids all loved it, and co-workers were envious when I opened the package. I plan to order more to use as last minute casual birthday gifts of adults, wrapped on top of a pkg of Oreos.


Love them

9/23/2014 by Jody

Love these! Ordered some for my son's family last Christmas and they were a big hit so I ordered more for my son in law. Great idea!

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The Dipr Story

The Big Dipper

Dunking a cookie into a big glass of milk is a childhood memory with which almost all of us can recall. The sticky and messy hands we were left with after each dunk were always so worth it.

Founded by Robert and Julie Haleluk, the Dipr is the ultimate cookie spoon that allows you to enjoy dipping without the added mess or the threat of dropping your cookie into the milk. It is a new type of utensil allowing you to dunk your sandwich cookie in milk, or any other liquid, by cradling the cream. It is available in five fun colors.

Head to the store, grab your favorite cookie and prepare for a slam
dunk! Read More Read Less