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5/28/2019 by John

This is advertised as 4 inch diameter. So I am expecting it to give me a 4 inch hole. To my surprise it does not. In using a caliper to measure it I find that the base is only 2 23/32 inches wide and the top is 3 1/4 inches wide. This will not give me a 4 inch diameter hole. The description does not match the product. If you describe it as a 4 inch diameter tool that is what I expect so I do not have to force the plant into the hole. Thank you.


I'd give it a 6 out of 10.

5/27/2019 by Sharon

In soft soil it works as described but in hard soil it didn't work.
I will have to try a stronger drill to see if that makes a difference.


Good with fresh soil

1/17/2019 by Christine

If you are using in soil already in your garden area it is hard to use but if you stay persistent you can get a good enough hole to use other tools to help get the size you need to plant


Good for small holes

7/25/2018 by Catherine

Fine for planting small, previously potted (or just purchased) plants. But not for deeper holes as the dirt just fills in behind it.



11/1/2019 by Mary

This bit did not work well for me. The looser dirt and mulch was dug out easily but when digging through the deeper, more packed dirt, it was ineffective.


Garden Drill Bit 4"

6/10/2019 by Christine

I'm disappointed with this products, can't be used when it wet and can't be used when soil getting dried. It jumped around when I push down to dirt isn't lose. IT LOOK LIKE A PIECE A CAKE TO DO IT.


Not impressed

5/12/2019 by Bob

I used my new Maxbit to plant 300 sunpatiens. If the soil was new or real soft it worked fine.
Beaver soil I need to use my other drill bit. Maxbit needs to be sharper to cut through clay or header soil. I would not recommend this product. The concept is good but just not able to handle the Kansas soil.


Nice to have

7/26/2018 by Lisa

Not really needed but it was nice to minimize bending.



5/30/2018 by Gloria

I was expecting great things from this product. My daughter is a landscaper and had 60 flats of annuals to plant.
Unfortunately, it only works on well tilled soil. I couldn’t even make a small dent in my garden bed. Sorry, it has to be returned. Poor design!


Not impressed

5/29/2018 by Debbie

The dirt must have to be really soft because it didn’t work for me.

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Don’t dig holes in the garden—drill them.

Easy Digging

The idea to create a garden hole digger came to Maker Michele Morton when she was helping folks in her community plant their gardens. She made The MAXBIT drill attachment to do the digging job quickly, easily, and more neatly.

The patented curved angles of the bit compress dirt into the bottom and sides of the hole, resulting in a perfectly round, flat-bottomed hole each time. This compressing action eliminates the pile of dug-out dirt for you to deal with when you’re done. The bit and its extension piece fit on most common power drills, and are made in West Point, Mississippi with ultra-tough
steel that’s powder coated to prevent rust.

The MAXBIT works in tilled or untilled soil, and makes holes to fit standard 4” or 6” potted plants. With the power of a drill doing the digging, planting a garden is easier—and faster—than ever.
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