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I love it!!!

1/4/2019 by Erica

I hard boil a lot of eggs and nothing is more frustrating then losing much of the white because the egg has been cooked appropriately. A overly cooked egg will peel beautifully every time, but the taste and texture is compromised. So far, the Negg has peeled wonderfully.


eggactley what I needed

1/3/2019 by Rebecca

This works just like it says it will. So much better than trying to do it yourself by picking the shell off. I got one for my daughter-in-law's mother. She was thrilled.


Egg peeler

1/3/2019 by Erica

My husband loves this tool for food prepping! He was always trying to figure out how to make peeling easier, and said this does the trick!


Works great!

1/2/2019 by Dee

Love The Negg! Works exactly as advertised!


Handy tool

1/2/2019 by John

I purchased this item for some good friends. They make LOTS of deviled eggs for our tailgating adventures, during football season. I don't think they've tried it yet, but it has to make the process much easier & less messy. I immediately thought of them when I saw this item.


Love it!

12/31/2018 by Cheryl

I was a bit skeptical when I first saw this. However, my love of hard boiled eggs made me give it a try.
I was in love the first time I used it.


It really works

12/31/2018 by Alice

This humble device brought an end to one of daily life's frustrations.


It works!

12/30/2018 by Erin

My husband loves hard-boiled eggs, so I bought this as a funny stocking stuffer. And we couldn't believe how well it actually works! Just add a little water, shake, and pull the shell off! Whereas before he didn't have time to sit and peel hard-boiled eggs before work, now he can have 'em for breakfast. Nifty little invention!



12/30/2018 by Diane

I have arthritis in my hands and this sure worked slick works as stated.


Works well

12/30/2018 by Walker

Makes peeling eggs easy!

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The NEGG® Story

The Negg | Hardboiled Egg Peeler

Eggcellent Peeler

Peel an egg without pulling your hair out.

Cold water and some shaking is all it takes for this hardboiled egg peeler to work. It’s a Made in the USA kitchen hero that conquers a dreaded chore sleekly.

Maker Bonnie Tyler signed up to bring deviled eggs to a party and—after a failed attempt at peeling—showed up with a bag of potato chips instead. After some prototyping and research at her local library, she cracked a solution.

Bonnie combined the elements of industrial peeling (i.e., vibration, movement, and water) to create something small, portable, and easy to use at home. That’s how The
Negg was hatched. She even managed to get it manufactured in Connecticut, her own backyard.

Now you can de-shell your eggs with just cold water and a little bit of effort.
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