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The Negg

Hard-Boiled Egg Peeler Case of 12

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Reviews (4.1 out of 5 Grommets)

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4/4/2019 by Frances

I bought this for my daughter last year. She makes a lot of deviled eggs. She told me this does not work well. She can peel two or three eggs in the time it would take this gadget to peel one. I would not recommend this to anyone.


Doesn’t Work

3/13/2019 by Babydoll

I was excited for this product, but I tried every way I could think of and it didn’t work

I finally threw it away




2/19/2019 by Peggy

My husband wanted me to get this in order to make shelling eggs easier. All it does is give me something addition to wash. It doesn't make eggs easier to fact, it makes it more difficult since the shell is broken apart in smaller pieces and I have to peel the shards off increasing the amount of egg that comes off with the shell pieces


Not so happy

2/11/2019 by Arthur

Well to start with, I have a hard boiled egg for breakfast almost daily and bought this thinking that it would help get it done a bit quicker. Not so.
I buy fresh organic eggs from our local food coop. If you have ever tried to peel a FRESH egg as apposed to one purchased from the grocery store that's usually two weeks or more from the time it emerged from the chicken, you know that the membrane holding the egg and shell together, doesn't slip easily from the egg.
Using the egger I spend twice the amount of time shaking the thing and trying to peel the egg without it.



2/8/2019 by Mary

I thought this would work, but I was fooled.
I just consider what I payed, a donation.


Worst purchase ever!

2/3/2019 by Marsha

Save your money! This does NOT work. All it does is crack the shell, the same as if you tap the egg on your counter. Add 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda into the pan when you are boiling the eggs. Shells peel off cleanly.



1/18/2019 by Gale

I purchased two of these and, quite frankly, hitting a hard-boiled egg on the courter a couple of times and then peeling it under running water does the same thing for free.



1/15/2019 by Tina

I was so excited for this item but haven’t been able to get it to work right. I’ve tried different types of eggs, different amount of shakes and strength. No matter what I do the shell sticks and my egg looks like it went through a war zone!!


The Negg...Back to the drawing board

1/7/2019 by Dorothy

Every review I've read praises this product even one person that never used it herself. Well I purchased two, one for my daughter and one for me! She tried it and it was a disaster. I used it after her and she was right. Maybe if you used small eggs it MIGHT be okay. We both used large eggs and it just ripped the egg apart. Not exactly what I was hoping for! So I think you should go back to the drawing board on this one.



1/6/2019 by Jennifer

I was pretty disappointed with the false advertising; the video that shows how easy it is... you know the one that the egg shell just falls off? That did not happen for me. It actually made it worse. It turned the egg shell into tiny little pieces, which made it MORE difficult to peel. (I did try all different amounts of time spent shaking. I gave it 20 chances (eggs) to work like the video) Now we all know that some eggs are just harder than others for what ever reason. I have heard it is the cooking time or the age of the egg. My Dad says the older the egg is the easier it is to peel because of the pocket is bigger on the top of the egg (because the egg shrinks as it ages?) making it easier to get it started. I actually timed myself and it took less time for me to peel the egg without using the Negg (with this batch of eggs). Like anything, I really wanted it to work because I hate peeling eggs however, that was not the case. I will be returning:(
FYI: I used eggs with the same expiration date, and cooked them all together for the same amount of time.

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The NEGG® Story

The Negg | Hardboiled Egg Peeler

Eggcellent Peeler

Peel an egg without pulling your hair out.

Cold water and some shaking is all it takes for this hardboiled egg peeler to work. It’s a Made in the USA kitchen hero that conquers a dreaded chore sleekly.

Maker Bonnie Tyler signed up to bring deviled eggs to a party and—after a failed attempt at peeling—showed up with a bag of potato chips instead. After some prototyping and research at her local library, she cracked a solution.

Bonnie combined the elements of industrial peeling (i.e., vibration, movement, and water) to create something small, portable, and easy to use at home. That’s how The
Negg was hatched. She even managed to get it manufactured in Connecticut, her own backyard.

Now you can de-shell your eggs with just cold water and a little bit of effort.
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