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Hard-Boiled Egg Peeler - Variety Pack Case of 16

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Did NOT work!!!

12/28/2017 by Janice

I was very disappointed with this purchase. I thought it
was a bit expensive but if it worked would be well worth it. I also bought one for my sister. I followed the instructions exactly as noted and even used ice to make the water extra cold. I still ended up peeling bits of egg shell off my hard boiled eggs and they looked horrible. The shells did not slide off as shown in the advertisement. I am extremely disappointed with this purchase and definitely would not recommend it.


plastic deteriorated

12/24/2017 by Robin

I want to add to my review that in washing it at the sink to pack up to return, I noticed the plastic at the top and bottom - the bump - was now pitted and eroded. This after 10 eggs. I don't think this product would last at that rate. As it didn't work at all, it's going back. I do give the Grommet credit for posting negative reviews, even if they sort them so they are at the very bottom of 600 reviews; many vendors don't post negative reviews at all.


Doesn't work

12/15/2017 by Melanie

I tried this product several times, shaking for different number of times each time, on cold and a few days old hard-boiled eggs. Shaking fewer times didn't work--still had to do a lot of manual peeling. Shaking more tore the egg almost in half. Very disappointed.


Does. Not work

12/13/2017 by Frances

A waste of money.


I must be missing something

12/6/2017 by Jill

I keep hard boiled eggs in the fridge for snacking on, ordered The Negg thinking what a perfect tool this will be for me.
I tried it with a cold/out of the fridge egg - did not work at all, instead it made more of a mess and I ended up with a wasted egg. I would love to return this for a full refund.


Total Waste of Money, Time and Eggs

12/5/2017 by Leah

I purchased this as a gift for a friend with the knack for making great deviled eggs. She had complained in the past about the challenges of peeling her eggs without butchering the whites. I saw this Negg, read the great reviews, watched the video and finally decided to give it to her as a birthday gift.

She tried the Negg on Dec. 1, 2017 and send me an image of her first two eggs. They were both a mess. The peel was pulling off with the whites, despite her following the guidance to do an ice bath and then peel when cooled. She also uses older eggs.. so they are not the problem. To be sure, I asked her to bring it to the party that evening and I boiled a half dozen eggs to bring with me. It actually became a bit of entertainment as others became interested in what we were doing.

Long story short. The Negg was a bust. It doesn't peel off like a jacket as I saw demonstrated in videos. It basically broke up some of the shell and then I had to pick the rest off. It was far less efficient that just breaking the eggshell on the tip and peeling it off from there. I totally wasted my money and she ended up with a crappy gift. I would have sent it back for a return but she threw the box away. Oh well. Lesson Learned.


Did not work

12/2/2017 by Lynda

I could not get this to work. I wasted my eggs trying. Wish I had not bought it.



11/25/2017 by Zima

We got this hoping it would help. Read and saw the
video several times. The eggs are still hard to peel. They are placed under running water after a few shakes but no help at all. Disappointed with product.
Would not recommend.


egg peeler

11/18/2017 by Sharon

I can peel faster with my hands. I found that this item does not work for me. I may have to practice more with it but for now i will peel the old fashioned way. I found it was very difficult to peel the egg when I was done with shaking this. I would not recommend it .


not good

11/12/2017 by Stephen

piece f crap did not work at all wouldn't recommend it to any one

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The NEGG® Story

The Negg | Hardboiled Egg Peeler

Eggcellent Peeler

Peel an egg without pulling your hair out.

Cold water and some shaking is all it takes for this hardboiled egg peeler to work. It’s a Made in the USA kitchen hero that conquers a dreaded chore sleekly.

Maker Bonnie Tyler signed up to bring deviled eggs to a party and—after a failed attempt at peeling—showed up with a bag of potato chips instead. After some prototyping and research at her local library, she cracked a solution.

Bonnie combined the elements of industrial peeling (i.e., vibration, movement, and water) to create something small, portable, and easy to use at home. That’s how The
Negg was hatched. She even managed to get it manufactured in Connecticut, her own backyard.

Now you can de-shell your eggs with just cold water and a little bit of effort.
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