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Hard-Boiled Egg Peeler - Popular Pack Case of 24

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Waste of Money

8/27/2017 by Jonathan

I made 2 dozen hard boiled eggs to make deviled eggs for a party. I used the Negg for 1 dozen and did the other by hand. It took me just as look with the Negg as by hand and I lost just as much of the white. One egg I shook a little too vigorously and the whole egg desintagrated in the Negg. On the plus side, it's made of plastic so I can recycle it.



8/23/2017 by Jeri

Didn't work like promised - I ended up peeling my dozen eggs the old fashioned way cracked on the counter and under cold water.


Don't waste your money.

8/11/2017 by Gale

Save your money. Instead, just smash your egg on your kitchen counter on all sides. Then, run it under cold water as you peel the shell off starting at the large end. All this gadget does is break up the egg shell.


Not impressed

8/11/2017 by Jean

This was a waste of my money. It didn't help peel the eggs at all. I got frustrated while trying to use it and started to peel them the "normal" way, with my hands. I don't think I did anything wrong with it but it did not work for me at all.


Does not work

8/11/2017 by Jan

For the 17.00 price tag this piece of plastic does not work any better than peeling the eggs by hand. I followed the directions it came with and the egg shells did not peel off with ease at all. I tried it on 8 eggs and only one peeled with ease.



8/11/2017 by Kaile

Did not work as advertised.



8/3/2017 by Erin

Was hoping this would be a problem solver! Have used many times without great success. The egg has actually fallen apart in the negg making it a wet mess. Would send it back, but have tried it too many times.


Works, but badly

8/1/2017 by Ivan

I followed the instructions exactly, and was able to peel eggs. However, it seems to work by breaking up the shell into as many very small bits as possible; during the process, the egg white has small chunks ripped out of it. Even when it works, it never works as shown in the video, and one must rinse the resulting eggshell grit off the egg. I have stopped using it, and will probably toss it.


Not worth the money

7/31/2017 by Cristen

I did the same thing with a small mason jar.


Just doesnt work for me

7/29/2017 by Lonnie

Bought this thinking this would be great. I did exactly like it said and even went to you tube and watched the video again. Ithought maybe my eggs are TOO FRESH (nope) and so I tried with eggs I had for over a week (Nope). The shells do crack but do not peel off. Making more of a mess than if I did it the old fashion way.

I wasted my money on this gadget, disappointing. Good in theory only to me.

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The NEGG® Story

The Negg | Hardboiled Egg Peeler

Eggcellent Peeler

Peel an egg without pulling your hair out.

Cold water and some shaking is all it takes for this hardboiled egg peeler to work. It’s a Made in the USA kitchen hero that conquers a dreaded chore sleekly.

Maker Bonnie Tyler signed up to bring deviled eggs to a party and—after a failed attempt at peeling—showed up with a bag of potato chips instead. After some prototyping and research at her local library, she cracked a solution.

Bonnie combined the elements of industrial peeling (i.e., vibration, movement, and water) to create something small, portable, and easy to use at home. That’s how The
Negg was hatched. She even managed to get it manufactured in Connecticut, her own backyard.

Now you can de-shell your eggs with just cold water and a little bit of effort.
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