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a gift for a good friend!

12/21/2015 by tommy

great results with this one! i always try to buy cleaver and fun gifts for people and scored high with this one! i might order one for myself now.


Bacon is great

6/25/2015 by Charles

The kit is great and works as promised.
The only thing l would say is that the kit is to expensive. I'd buy again if the price was more reasonable.


Bacon kit.

12/27/2014 by Jorun

I was having a difficult time finding pork belly, so I looked it up and found a nearby Asain market, and was able to complete my Christmas gift.


Perfect gift

12/26/2014 by Barbara

My son, the chef, loves bacon, and he loves to make cheese, beer, wine, etc. at home. So making his own bacon at home was a natural progression. He has a great source for fat back and was going to try this out as soon as possible.


For the bacon lover

12/6/2014 by patricia

My son-in-law loved it but had trouble finding the pork belly.


Very complete!

2/10/2014 by Gregg

Although I cannot comment on the flavor (yet) I can tell you that this kit holds a lot of potential to it. I have never made my own bacon, but have wanted to for years and years (since seeing Alton do it on Good Eats). I took the kit to my local butcher to ask some questions about it and to get the pork belly. He was very fascinated with it and gave me a few 'flavoring' tips to vary it the way I wanted to (think 'coffee-bacon' and you are on my page). He told me with nothing else but what was in the box you could/would/should turn out 5 lbs of some very very tasty bacon! I know that several have commented on the 'nitrites' in the kit. My butcher (who is VERY picky about his meat and nothing going into them in ANY way that shouldn't be naturally) told me that for good bacon it is needed. Even going as far as to tell me that if you have the time, money, and know how you could get it the natural way into the bacon, but it would be the same as the nitrites that are included. Basically someone did the hard work and gave us the end product to help us along. In essence it is like buying charcoal instead of growing your own trees, cutting them down, and then turning it into charcoal. Relax people. Sometimes chemicals are NOT bad sometimes they are the product from a natural reaction of things. My pork belly is on order, my green coffee beans are prepared and waiting for me to roast them, and my kit awaits on top of the refrigerator reminding me each day how close I am to the wonderful goodness to come!


bacon kit

1/19/2014 by Judith

Worth the work and worth the wait...........will never go back to packaged bacon again.


Love the kit

1/4/2014 by Sharon

My husband was pleasantly surprised with this kit. We are smoking the bacon today - can't wait!
Delivery was fast, instructions answered all but one question (smoke skin side up or down?) But led us to make our own investigations.
Love searching the Grommet for unusual and likeable gifts!!


Made a fantastic gift!

12/26/2013 by Rae

My husband and I gave these kits to two different people this year for Christmas and both recipients were delighted with them


Wonderful kit and bacon

11/21/2013 by Tabitha

I bought this for my fiance's birthday...he loved it! The kit was easy to follow and put together (to get pork bellies, go to Whole Foods or your nearest butcher shop...most grocery stores don't carry pork bellies. I found out the hard way). We just cooked some of the bacon was flavorful and just crispy enough. Not too sweet or salty which we both loved. We may get this again to have a fun project for us to do again. The quality of the kit and the instructions were easy to follow and the kit provided everything you need to make bacon (except the pork bellies of course). Absolutely a great buy for the bacon fan!

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The Original Baconkit Story

The Original baconkit - DIY bacon curing

Home Cured

Some things are best left to the pros. It turns out that bacon isn’t one of them. With The Original baconkit, curing your own bacon is easy, fun, and absolutely delicious.

What began as a hobby for Russ Morgan and Todd Heckel became a business when their friends kept begging for more homemade bacon. In 2012, they turned their passion for pork bellies into a company called 7th West Charcuterie and The Original baconkit was born. It contains everything you need to make 5 pounds of tasty homemade bacon except the pork belly itself (easy to find at your local supermarket or butcher shop).

Smoke it
in a smoker or over a grill. Or just prepare it in the oven if you prefer. Keep it classic or add the included maple sugar for a touch of sweetness. Unlike commercial brands, home cured bacon won’t shrivel, shrink, or release water during cooking. The Original baconkit is Made in the USA and includes simple step-by-step instructions for those who love to cook and even those who think they can’t. Read More Read Less