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A fun project

8/21/2018 by Marc

At no point in the process did my bacon look anything like the photo here. Not a complaint, just a point. My bacon came out very flavorful, but I find it VERY tough to both slice and chew. I wonder if I did something to cause that? I cooked an identical pork belly, uncured, the previous month, and it came out very easy to slice. It cooked for 6 hours - this bacon only for three. Could that be the difference? It would be interesting to find out, so I'll have to try another one to find out. Also, since I don't have a smoker, I miss the smokiness. Any suggestions?


Our bacon turned out great!

1/19/2017 by Jayne

The Bacon Kit turned out great- although I didn't think it was a great value. Creative packaging, but I do feel it was overpriced. Directions are direct and easy to follow, package contained everything but the meat. End result was delicious bacon.


Great for newbies and I-want-it-easy

7/8/2015 by Traci

This was a great kit to introduce us to the art of making bacon. The instructions are precise and simple to follow. The kit was a greater starter kit as well as a great kit for those that want everything in one package. The thermometer that was included was very helpful. We smoke our bacon with apple. IT WAS AMAZING!!!
As was mentioned in a previous review, yes you can make this on your own. But don't do it the first time, or maybe even the second time. Get this kit and see what it's all about before you try to go out on your own and make bacon.
Give it as a gift too. They'll love you forever!!


Love it!

12/31/2014 by Jerry

Easy to make and delicious!


Unique Birthday gift

10/10/2014 by Diane

I gave this to my husband for his birthday. He thought it was really neat and is looking forward to trying it. I'll try to remember to review it after we make some bacon. He thought it was really unique!


Makes nice novel gift, and has a good flavor but slicing it up from the pork belly slabs is rather time consuming.

1/10/2014 by Nancy

It masde a fun Christmas present. I gave it to 4 family members. A bit labor intensive, however. I bought 20 lbs. of pork belly (which for us in rural Maine was not easy to find - and it came in 2 huge frozen 10 lbs slabs). My husband was a good sport, however, and took on the task of preparing it for 3 of the 4 recipients. People need to have a powerfully sharp electric knife. That's where the work is - slicing up all of the pork belly once it has been baked. But it is v. tastey, and you do get more flavor and more meat than the store-bought version. I figure it worked out to be about $8.30 per pound so a bit expensive but might be worth doing again for the novelty of it.


Over priced

6/22/2020 by Scott

I feel that the price of the product was extremely high for what you receive.


Not much

6/30/2015 by Robert

OK, I received the nice box and bag with a jar of salt and some maple syrup powder. That's it. I must say the add got me wanting to make bacon and I did and it does taste good, but you can make bacon with your own salt and some maple syrup. I probably would not buy it again.



6/30/2020 by Karen

This is a MAJOR ripoff. Let's be real: the box contains a bottle of Himalayan sea salt (which u can buy at any grocery store), a sugar and maple-flavored mixture (which u can make yourself), a thermometer (which a good cook will already have), and a plastic bag! The so-called instructions do not tell you how much of anything to put on a certain weight or amount of the pork belly - which a good recipe would do.

I bought this as a gift for my brother. He loves me for thinking of him & his favorite food, but was laughing hysterically as he went through the box contents & read the "instructions". He thought it was a gag gift. Not something I would recommend to anyone and Grommet should be ashamed of themselves for even allowing this to be sold on the website. If zero were an option, that is the rating I would give this.


Unused-description unclear

3/6/2018 by CC West

I may have been in a hurry when I read the description but I don't believe it clearly states that there is no bacon included. So you are left to find uncured bacon. Kinda a pain.

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The Original Baconkit Story

The Original baconkit - DIY bacon curing

Home Cured

Some things are best left to the pros. It turns out that bacon isn’t one of them. With The Original baconkit, curing your own bacon is easy, fun, and absolutely delicious.

What began as a hobby for Russ Morgan and Todd Heckel became a business when their friends kept begging for more homemade bacon. In 2012, they turned their passion for pork bellies into a company called 7th West Charcuterie and The Original baconkit was born. It contains everything you need to make 5 pounds of tasty homemade bacon except the pork belly itself (easy to find at your local supermarket or butcher shop).

Smoke it
in a smoker or over a grill. Or just prepare it in the oven if you prefer. Keep it classic or add the included maple sugar for a touch of sweetness. Unlike commercial brands, home cured bacon won’t shrivel, shrink, or release water during cooking. The Original baconkit is Made in the USA and includes simple step-by-step instructions for those who love to cook and even those who think they can’t. Read More Read Less