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So beautiful AND functional

4/26/2014 by Sara

I got this for my mother for her birthday and she loved it. I haven't seen it person, but she says it's so beautiful AND functional. It was a perfect gift for a woman who likes to drink wine, but not the whole bottle.



4/19/2014 by Debra

This truly works...Normally you have to either drink the whole bottle of wine or drink it by the next day but with the has lasted for four days...I have not tried it any further...a very wise investment for me..5 stars for me on this...



4/8/2014 by Debra

I'm amazed at how well this wine saver works!! Everything about it is perfect! It's absolutely simple to use and it's the most effective method of keeping wine fresh. Four days after opening an expensive bottle of wine, it tasted the SAME as the first day! I was astounded!!!


great to own, great to give

4/8/2014 by Ann

I live alone, like to have a glass of wine occasionally, but seldom do at home because I hate to waste the rest of the bottle. This is GREAT! I like it so well that I gave one to each of my grown children, and they are loving it too. I just finished a really fine cabarnet yesterday, the last glass of which had been in the carafe for ten days -- really! I was amazed. I will probably get another so that I can have one for white wines as well.


fabulous gift for yourself or a friend

3/25/2014 by kathleen

Love it. My husband is diabetic and we can not split a bottle of wine in one evening due to medical restrictions sooooooooo, We can drink our expensive bottle over three days and it tastes fresh each day!

The carafe is very nice and the presentation box makes it a fab gift!!!


Love my Savino

3/24/2014 by Deborah

I love the carafe. I'm the only one who drinks wine in my house and I always hesitated to open a bottle knowing I would not be able to drink it all. Now I can keep an open bottle for up to a week. It's great. The first one I bought the floater leaked a little wine but when I called they were quick to send me another. Great service from Grommet and their suppliers. It's also unique and sleek looking setting on my counter.



3/23/2014 by Kevin

Very smart product design and effective in preserving red wine.


Savino will save your opened wine

3/22/2014 by Eric Degerman

I've been a wine journalist in the Pacific Northwest since 1998 so our tasting panels have reviewed a litany of wine preservation systems during the past 15 years. Some of those have sold for more than $150. The Savino works elegantly and with simplicity, and it continues to earn its place on my kitchen counter since I was introduced to it in July 2013.



3/19/2014 by Barbara

I bought the Savino as a birthday present for my sister, Nancy. She loves it and so does her boyfriend. No more wasted wine. Now I want one.



3/19/2014 by babyjane

love this product...used it last night & can't wait to taste the wine on Friday night!

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The Savino Story

Savino - Wine Saver Carafe

Preserve & Serve

Let’s all raise our glass to Scott Tavenner, Founder of Savino, who finds ingenious ways to serve and preserve your favorite drinks.

His quest started with wanting to save the rest of an opened bottle of wine. After 15 years of research (that’s dedication), he developed the Savino Wine Carafe. This elegant glass cruet not only serves wine but keeps it exceptionally fresh, night after night, for up to a week after opening. A snuggly fitted floating seal protects the wine from oxidation, while a screw top prevents spillage.

Scott didn’t stop there, though. He went on to shake up cocktail making
with Shaker 33, which he calls “The Best Cocktail Shaker Since Prohibition.” The locking lid keeps your drink inside—secure enough to shake with one hand. When you’re ready to serve, the lid easily unlocks and you can adjust for larger holes to pour faster or smaller holes for better straining.

To Scott and his dedication to lifting spirits we say, “Cheers!"
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