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Great product

7/25/2015 by Lara

Love this!
Easy to use and it works. Best wine saver I have found...


Wine Carafe Review

5/28/2015 by Sandra B

This item was sent to my brother as a birthday gift. He is a wine person, had never seen this kind of carafe and was thrilled. I have heard that he couldn't be more pleased and is telling friends about it! Thanks to you, a great gift!


Works Great

5/28/2015 by Cmjc

Works as described


Worth the money

5/24/2015 by Duane

A great, and classy way to keep your favorite wine safe. I love it. Simple and efficient.


Perfectly wonderful

5/8/2015 by JoAnn

Wonderful product! Always had leftover wine in the fridge that did not store well.
But, no more. This product keeps the wine perfect as the day you uncorked it. Have bought three and given several as gifts.


Great product!

5/6/2015 by Joanne

I love this wine saver carafe. I've been using the wine vacuum pump and it never really works well. This works amazingly well! And it's beautiful to boot!


It's my new favorite carafe!

4/17/2015 by Cassie

So easy to use and clean--love that it can actually go in the dishwasher, unlike most of my carafes that have to be hand washed with a brush and air dried. My only complaint is that it drips a bit when pouring but it may be that I haven't perfected the technique yet, since I've only had it for a few weeks.


Great product for saving wine

4/7/2015 by Sharon

I love, love this! So much easier than the pump method. The carafe fits easily in the fridge. As a single wine lover who drinks only part of a bottle per night, this is excellent! I've recommended it to my local wine retailer. Also, I accidentally bumped it out f the refrigerator onto my tile floor. While I lost some wine, the carafe was intact.


Works great !

3/30/2015 by Larry

Works so good, I ordered a second for our weekend cabin.


Nice presentation and solid storage

2/28/2015 by Penny

While I cannot seem to hold on to a wine long enough to really test this for any length of time, I can say that it keeps wine (red particularly) better for a couple of days than just recorking. It also makes a nice presentation when serving. I'm very happy with my purchase.

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The Savino Story

Savino - Wine Saver Carafe

Preserve & Serve

Let’s all raise our glass to Scott Tavenner, Founder of Savino, who finds ingenious ways to serve and preserve your favorite drinks.

His quest started with wanting to save the rest of an opened bottle of wine. After 15 years of research (that’s dedication), he developed the Savino Wine Carafe. This elegant glass cruet not only serves wine but keeps it exceptionally fresh, night after night, for up to a week after opening. A snuggly fitted floating seal protects the wine from oxidation, while a screw top prevents spillage.

Scott didn’t stop there, though. He went on to shake up cocktail making
with Shaker 33, which he calls “The Best Cocktail Shaker Since Prohibition.” The locking lid keeps your drink inside—secure enough to shake with one hand. When you’re ready to serve, the lid easily unlocks and you can adjust for larger holes to pour faster or smaller holes for better straining.

To Scott and his dedication to lifting spirits we say, “Cheers!"
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