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Will NEVER buy another brand!

4/21/2020 by Kay

We are on our 4th bag of these wood chips. And I am ordering 5 more bags today! We also have the stainless steel smoking pouch, which my husband loves so much more than one of those boxes we used to use. I promise you, these chips will elevate the flavor of whatever meat you are cooking! We have converted other family members to use these and they have all been very happy. You can't beat the price and the amount they give you. Give them a try!

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The Smokist™ Story

The Smokist | Smoking Pouch

Grilling On Fumes

The Smokist comes from Georgia grillmaster and woodworker Randy Branch. An expert in creating the perfect wood aroma, Randy channeled his talents into designing a compact and long-lasting smoker for the grill.

The Smokist works on any grill, even small ones. Fill the non-rusting, stainless steel pouch with mesquite, hickory, or applewood chips to add smoky goodness to your grillables, from beef and pork to chicken and fish or veggies. It begins smoking as the grill heats, but the dried wood chips won’t catch fire, thanks to fine metal mesh that restricts airflow and lets the chips smolder for
longer. The smoke created is white and clean, infusing food with natural flavor that will leave guests lining up for seconds. Read More Read Less