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The Wand™ Wine Filter Sample

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Reviews (4.4 out of 5 Grommets)

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Love it!

10/21/2018 by Mary Beth

The wine wand works great for me - no more stuffy noses or headaches!! And it's great for taking out with you too.


It works!

10/19/2018 by Kim

I gave up drinking an occasional glass of wine (and other alcohol) almost 2 years ago when I developed allergy symptoms. At best, I could drink 1/2 glass before my face became hot and flushed and my nose became congested. I bought this wand so I could still enjoy an occasional glass of wine. Per the instructions, you swirl the wand and let in sit in a 6 oz glasses of wine for at least 3 minutes. I was able to drink two 6-oz glasses of white Moscato without the above symptoms! It's definitely working for me!


It’s true! No headaches!

10/18/2018 by Janet

I bought the ten pack and plan to order the large pack of 50. I even think the wine tastes better after a few minutes with the wand.



10/14/2018 by Linda

Happy with this purchase, seems to make a difference!



10/8/2018 by ROSEMARY

Have tried it several times and it seems to work beautifully!


Works great

10/7/2018 by Jacquelyn

I’m not a wine efficenanato as it always gives me a headache and turns me bright red in the face. I can’t say for certain it didn’t change the flavor of the wines but it didn’t make them taste bad and no headache or flushing!



10/6/2018 by Anne L

Shared with sister who’s dry alergic



10/4/2018 by Tina

This really works! I want to scream this from the roof tops. NO MORE PUFFINESS OR SWOLLEN FINGERS


Expensive, but it works!

9/30/2018 by Lisa

Drinking wine kicks off an allergic reaction that slams my nose shut and causes my face to flush after the first sip. These wands keep that from happening! I leave them in the glass (my glasses are usually about 8 oz) for about 5 minutes before drinking, which is a bit inconvenient, but totally worth it. I don’t drink wine all that often, because of my allergic reactions, but these wands make it an option now. Note that I tried rinsing and re-using wands, as I’ve read that some people do; but that did not work for me. I need a new one for each glass. That makes these wands very expensive, but I’m just glad to be able to comfortably drink a glass of wine again.


It worked!

9/30/2018 by Nancy

I tried this wand on mine and my sister-in-law's glasses of wine and it worked just as it listed. I still got some pink in my cheeks but no where near what usually happens and no stuffy feelings at all. Will buy this again when my 30 are used up.

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The PureWine Story

The Wand | Wine Histamine & Sulfite Absorbers

Wine Filter

David Meadows and his son Derek wanted to create a wine filter to combat the stuffy nose and headache-y reaction David experienced when he drank red wine. They discovered that wine, particularly red wine, is packed with sulfites (which are used as a preservative) and natural histamines. These allergens can cause congestion, facial flushing, and hangover-like feelings for some drinkers, like David.

It took the Meadows five years to perfect their solution: The Wand™ and The Wave™ Wine Filters. They're pint-sized filters that remove the bulk of sulfites and histamines—and their side effects—in a
glass or bottle of wine, without affecting taste, aroma, or color.

Nanopore beads sealed in the single-use device absorb up to 95% of wine allergens. It's disposable and easy to take along with you. Just give it a swirl in your glass and let it soak for three minutes before drinking.
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