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Still great after 3 years

6/28/2020 by Susan

I've had the calendar and two of the clear sheets hanging on the wall of our motorhome for the lady three years while we traveled and live in it full time. They've been great space saver and handy reusable planning tools. No problem with fully erasing the calendar when it's time to change the month and they haven't ever fallen off. I'm getting ready to order more for a new home.


Think Board

2/13/2019 by Susan

Handy organizer for thr whole family!


Super convenient and easy!

1/4/2018 by Donya

My wife has not fully entered the digital age and still uses paper. I got this for her so she doesn't have to use a paper calendar that just gets tossed at the end of every month.


Handy to the whole family

12/1/2016 by Jeanne

I really like the reusable Idea Calendar. We have it on the front door of our refrigerator where everyone in the family can see it and add to it as necessary.



11/11/2016 by Danette

Now I can be more organized with this visible calendar! Love it!



1/6/2016 by Jeff

Wow wish I had had this long ago and maybe the doors of our fridges would not have kept falling off
Great and thank you


Perfect on fridge!

8/28/2015 by Kameko

Really love to have my entire calendar view up on my fridge. And the clear calendar looks great instead of the usual glaring white of a dry-erase board. I have gotten many compliments on it so far.


Decorating my pocket door

7/9/2015 by Cornelia

I close the pocket door at night to keep my dogs from wandering so now I see my calendar first thing in the morning and nobody else ever sees it because they wouldn't think of closing that door. I love the idea, the privacy - I have the plain Think Board cut in half - using it on my glass drafting table saving me from having to keep a pad handy by, and on the inside of my office closet door. It works really well, doesn't distract at all, and is good looking as it fades into the background. I'm tempted to get one for my kitchen window.



12/3/2016 by Joan

My fancy expensive fridge is not magnetic!?! Cannot hang anything on the fridge. This calendar is great as it sticks and easy to change month to month. I wish I was better at getting out all the air bubbles though.


Keep us organized

8/17/2015 by Anna

I found this very handy in our busy schedule. It is displayed in our hallway where we all pass. It does keep us organized. I choose not to remove the backing as the calendar would not display well against the wall color.
I gave it 4 star because I did not receive the peel and stick corners. I used command poster strips to hold the calendar in place.

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The Think Board Story

Think Board - Reusable Idea Surface

Write Anywhere

In order to think big, sometimes you need to write big. Think Board lets you do just that. This clear, reusable dry erase sheet adheres to almost any surface to create a “white board” for dry erase markers. Whether it’s a door, wall, fridge, or desk, you can write, erase, and write again whenever inspiration strikes. Even better, it leaves no residue when it’s removed.

Founder Hanson Grant came up with the idea and successfully launched a Kickstarter campaign to put Think Board into production. As impressive as that is, consider that Grant is a student at Babson College and that Think Board is
Made in the USA. That’s American ingenuity and entrepreneurialism at its finest, and it means that Think Board is dorm room tested and approved.

Think Board comes in multiple sizes to fit spaces big and small, and makes a great gift for students, artists, and even teachers (it seems they can never get enough white board space). Lay down one of these surfaces, and watch ideas and creativity spring to life.
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