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14" x 14" Reusable Idea Calendar Case of 4

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Great but

8/11/2015 by David

Really like the calendar and have it on our refrigerator. It's way better than a little bulletin board, and looks very cool. However, it's not easy to install. Air bubbles and creases will be there. it's tricky to handle and seals so well if you have air bubbles they're tough to get out. The larger the sheet, the harder it is to install.


Great idea - bad packaging?

12/7/2018 by Angela

I love this and NEED this. However, the tube was severely damaged during delivery and now on our fridge it doesn't look so clear...has white scratches all over...makes spots hard to read and a bit unsightly.


Not quite what I expected

12/27/2018 by Leslie

Unfortunately, the plastic make up of this is not a great option long term. After just one month, the adhesive left marks on my stainless steel refrigerator. And trying to move it to clean behind the surface to avoid the marks reveals that the piece is not made to be placed more than once; it crinkled and stuck on itself as I removed it and had to be thrown out. I liked the idea of having the transparent monthly calendar at hand, but will go back to just using a dry erase board that easily comes off the refrigerator for cleaning to ensure I am not damaging my refrigerator's surfaces.


Didn't stick

12/1/2016 by Bobbe

My large board kept falling down and then got tangling and I had to throw it away.


Worthless waste of money

1/4/2016 by Pamela

Black was recommended so I purchased the black calendar. When placed on my black refrigerator, I can not see the calendar. Also getting out all the wrinkles was impossible.


This product is less than mediocre

9/16/2015 by Svetlana

I bought both- the calendar and the other reusable sheet. Both are made out of thin, pretty much impossible to install anywhere without cursing, contact paper. Either it is the type of stainless steel or something but the writing on the calendar is not visible at all if you use the included marker. Yeah, the air bubbles are still there, too...
Now to the sheet- it was installed onto a particle board computer desk and when I took it off it took a paper layer of the desk with it:( So, no good... Don't recommend.



9/12/2015 by Sarah

It didn't stick from the moment I put it on the wall. It started peeling off right away! Will be asking for a refund.


$18.00 for contact paper

7/7/2015 by B

$18.00 for a thin sheet of contact paper. It did not come with a marker or anything. The concept is cool but needs to be executed much better.


This product is rubbish!!!

6/26/2015 by S Simon

If they made it out of a thicker vinyl it would be great, this is just like a cheap saran wrap imitation, it's impossible to stick down without bubbles...
It is honestly really cheap material...

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The Think Board Story

Think Board - Reusable Idea Surface

Write Anywhere

In order to think big, sometimes you need to write big. Think Board lets you do just that. This clear, reusable dry erase sheet adheres to almost any surface to create a “white board” for dry erase markers. Whether it’s a door, wall, fridge, or desk, you can write, erase, and write again whenever inspiration strikes. Even better, it leaves no residue when it’s removed.

Founder Hanson Grant came up with the idea and successfully launched a Kickstarter campaign to put Think Board into production. As impressive as that is, consider that Grant is a student at Babson College and that Think Board is
Made in the USA. That’s American ingenuity and entrepreneurialism at its finest, and it means that Think Board is dorm room tested and approved.

Think Board comes in multiple sizes to fit spaces big and small, and makes a great gift for students, artists, and even teachers (it seems they can never get enough white board space). Lay down one of these surfaces, and watch ideas and creativity spring to life.
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