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Think board

9/28/2016 by Sweetlou

I use this for my husband appointments because he has quite alot of them .Just what the doctor ordered. Thank u


I wish there were other options for size...

1/30/2016 by Sara

I absolutely love my ThinkBoard... but I wish there were alternatives in size. For my office work surface, any other size than the 8x11 is too deep! However, 8" across isn't a ton of room. It's also super easy to erase, so be careful if you put it ON the work surface. All that aside, it's just what I need when I pick up the phone and want to make notes... or want to document Things to Do for the day...



10/19/2015 by Michael

Is very handy and usable.


should be bigger

8/6/2015 by Janet

works well & handy for notes, but pretty small


Think Board

7/29/2015 by Jackie

Really great product, no screws required. Only wish is corners to have extra adhesive. Then tend to roll.


Nice product

7/10/2015 by Jim

I oredered the small size. I have only been using this a few weeks, but I like this product. I placed it right on the top of my desk where I work at home. It attaches like a screen protector on a tablet. . That makes it convenient to write down any quick notes I have. The only reason I am not giving this five stars is because the true value of this will come in the longevity. As long as it continues to clean, and does not start to come up from it attachment, this will be an A+ product for me.


Just what I needed

7/10/2015 by Leslie

love it!



7/9/2015 by Holly

Do not mount your Velcro dot/markers to the board! Every time you (or the kids) pull the marker off to use it, it pulls the Thinkboard away from the wall, and you then have to re-apply it...Annoying, and creases your board--irretrievably. Mount your markers to the wall NEXT to the board.


Trouble getting it clean ...

9/5/2017 by Ellen

I've had a different experience, apparently.

I am a therapist, and I have a great deal of difficulty getting this board clean, which is a HUGE problem for me -- I can't risk my client's names or identifying issues being visible to others!

I initially used only official dry erase makers and the spray that came with the board. Neither erases fully. I've finally had to explore other options to get it clean -- I have tried EVERYTHING! -- and the only thing that I've found to clean it well is a Norwex cleaning paste. Everything else leaves shadows (if not outright outlines) of whatever has been on the board.

That being said, I also have the calendar in my staff room and it is great -- it's wet erase, and we have no problem with it whatsoever.

I agree it looks amazing, but I'm not sure it's worth the trouble.


doesn't make you more artistic

9/6/2016 by Sandy

Like the idea of this think board, but I still wind up making lists so it hasn't made me more creative. I was disappointed that I placed it on my desk and when I picked it up after just a few minutes, some of the desk finish came off on the sticky back of the board.

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The Think Board Story

Think Board - Reusable Idea Surface

Write Anywhere

In order to think big, sometimes you need to write big. Think Board lets you do just that. This clear, reusable dry erase sheet adheres to almost any surface to create a “white board” for dry erase markers. Whether it’s a door, wall, fridge, or desk, you can write, erase, and write again whenever inspiration strikes. Even better, it leaves no residue when it’s removed.

Founder Hanson Grant came up with the idea and successfully launched a Kickstarter campaign to put Think Board into production. As impressive as that is, consider that Grant is a student at Babson College and that Think Board is
Made in the USA. That’s American ingenuity and entrepreneurialism at its finest, and it means that Think Board is dorm room tested and approved.

Think Board comes in multiple sizes to fit spaces big and small, and makes a great gift for students, artists, and even teachers (it seems they can never get enough white board space). Lay down one of these surfaces, and watch ideas and creativity spring to life.
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