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Not convienent

9/1/2015 by Lee

Dissappointed. Too small


Really wanted to like this

8/13/2015 by Nancy

If only the installation instructions had said things like "check the surface where you are mounting the Think Board for rough patches or protruding bits". And then if only it had said "If you are not an octopus, please get a friend to help you with the installation."

I was channeling all the years I put screen protectors on my Palm Pilots, only to curse the bubble that would end up in just the wrong place. I started to place the board on a painted door, then realized that there were some little painted lumps that were causing big problems for the board's smoothness. I removed it and tried again, and again, and again. Then I sanded the lumps on the door and tried again. Still couldn't get it to lie well enough that I could use the squeegee card.

Then I cut it in half vertically. That way I could at least get it to stick flat.

There are still wrinkles, and now there are ragged spots from where I had to remove/reposition a dozen times. And the marker does not erase completely, even with the dry erase cleaner.

I think I will just cut it up to create a number of 8.5 x 11" boards and scatter them around. The 30x30 is too large for a 5'3" person to install, at least on my office door. Maybe anywhere, unless you have spare arms or a friend handy to help hold it while you squeegee.

Sad face.



8/8/2015 by William

The surface of the think board is great. However the material is too thin. It is very difficult to put up and keep from sticking together. With great difficulty I got the board up, but there were still bubble patches and wrinkles. Once up it has to stay up because there is absolutely no way to take it down without it sticking together like cellophane tape. The plastic needs to be thicker. What this product is essentially is a giant piece of package sealing tape.


Not worth it

7/24/2015 by Cindy

Bought two, one for me and one for a gift. I tried mine at work and decided to unwrap the one for the gift and find another personal way to use it. It streaks too easily making it hard to keep the notes that I thought would save paper.


So so

7/12/2015 by amy

I have adobe walls - not very flat - did not work at all - gave up and put on a table and works well You definitely need a FLAT surface



10/24/2016 by Sandra

This product is EXPENSIVE and I didn't even get an hours use out of it. I hung it as the directions indicated, went downstairs, and about an hour later I heard a noise. Ran upstairs to see what caused the sound was. There it was, a crumpled heap of film on the floor. The same thing happened to the 54x30 product that I bought. I should have heeded the negative review that I read on line. I would have saved a lot of money. I couldn't even get it unraveled to send it back for a refund. BAD PURCHASE on my part.


Bad deal

10/24/2016 by Sandra

This is my worst purchase to date from the Grommet. I hung the product as the instructions directed. Left the house for about an hour. When I returned, the film was in a tangled heap on the floor. Of course it was difficult to untangle without ripping the film because the sticky adhesive caused it to adhere to itself (maybe the only surface it will adhere to).
Cheaper and more predictable to buy a white board at Staples.


Cannot easily move from place to place

9/13/2016 by Loretta

Another good idea with misleading advertising. Ordered 8x11 and tried to apply to desktop without bubbles. Made a mess of all four corners in trying to make it smooth. Also, I was under the impression I could move it from place to place (desk to fridge to cabinet door and back to desk as needed. Not true.


Great concept; Poor execution

9/15/2015 by MIKE

I purchased this item because I thought it was a fantastic concept, it seemed really cool product, and I love to support innovative and "green" products (it would eliminate my little one-time, one-off notes)...

Then it was delivered...
1) The cleaning fluid leaked, wetting the paper, and sticking the paper residue to the Think Board (which I got over very quickly)
2) I tried it on my desk (wooden, painted black) and it peeled the paint off when I tried to reposition it.
3) The black market included didn't show well (if at all) on my black desk as a background. Maybe I should have thought of this?? But maybe the description should have included a warning related to this.
4) I stuck it to my painted wall, and it slowly peeled away from the wall (maybe because it had all of the paint from my desk attached to it)...

Anyway, I rarely write scathing reviews, but this product does not deliver as advertised. Additionally, I reached out the the company directly almost a week ago, and have heard absolutely nothing back... Maybe they don't care because The Grommet purchased in bulk, and now The Grommet is on the hook... I don't know, but really not the result I was hoping for...


A waste

9/8/2015 by Isabelle

Honestly, this product did not live up to my expectations. It is quite flimsy , attracted dirt and other specks before I even began to use it. Because it's essentially a clear piece of plastic ( somehow I thought it would be white), it doesn't do well on a dark surface like the desk in my office where I had hoped to use it with my students and even recommend it ( which I won't). Also, it's hard to get it to adhere smoothly and I don't want to waste precious minutes smoothing it out. Save your money ? Sorry.

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The Think Board Story

Think Board - Reusable Idea Surface

Write Anywhere

In order to think big, sometimes you need to write big. Think Board lets you do just that. This clear, reusable dry erase sheet adheres to almost any surface to create a “white board” for dry erase markers. Whether it’s a door, wall, fridge, or desk, you can write, erase, and write again whenever inspiration strikes. Even better, it leaves no residue when it’s removed.

Founder Hanson Grant came up with the idea and successfully launched a Kickstarter campaign to put Think Board into production. As impressive as that is, consider that Grant is a student at Babson College and that Think Board is
Made in the USA. That’s American ingenuity and entrepreneurialism at its finest, and it means that Think Board is dorm room tested and approved.

Think Board comes in multiple sizes to fit spaces big and small, and makes a great gift for students, artists, and even teachers (it seems they can never get enough white board space). Lay down one of these surfaces, and watch ideas and creativity spring to life.
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