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Does the job

7/6/2020 by Daniel

It's a bad year for ticks. I've had to remove 4 very tiny Deer Ticks from myself so far, and this tool is ideal for the task. Conventional tweezers often don't allow for a firm grip on the head/mandibles of the tick, which can result in partial removal, or squeezing of the body of the tick- both of which can make disease transmission more likely. The TickEase Tick Removal Tool provides an extremely precise grasp: low against the surface of the skin, allowing you to pull the tick by the head/jaws with steady, even pressure until it comes off.
I strongly recommend this to anyone who intends to camp, hike, or even just do yard work regularly.


Works well

5/4/2020 by Hilary

Have used this on my dog ( a Westie) to remove ticks and it works very well. Since he is white ticks are easier to see and lifting them off with tool is easy.


Well designed

11/12/2019 by robert

A well designed tool for tick removal but have not needed to use it yet


Excellent Tool

11/3/2019 by Diane

We live in the country and one of us will end up with a tick or two...This remover works wonders...Very easy to us with no problem...Wish I would of brought one sooner...Works great on the kids as well as the dogs...


Great tool for tick removal

6/29/2019 by Ronnie

Removed one tick from my daughter's Grey Hound, bought her one.


Tick Ease

6/27/2019 by Peggy

I gave it to our son who has had Lyme Disease twice now. Hoping this helps him with correct removal of the nasty bugs.


Good Product

6/26/2019 by Mike

Looks well made, have't had to use it yet.(thats good news)


Smart design

6/26/2019 by Kevin

It is well made and a great design that seems to cover most or all eventualities. The wallet magnifying glass is a smart bonus.


Just in case

6/26/2019 by Beth

I haven’t used this yet, but I live in the south and we have a lot of ticks. Thankfully my little fur baby has been able to avoid them so far since my purchase. Glad to have on hand tho.



6/26/2019 by Terri

These work extremely well! Definitely recommend!

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The TickEase Story

TickEase | Tick Remover

Tick Man Dan

Dan Wolff, also known as Tick Man Dan, is a tick expert who has created a tool for proper tick removal that works on people and pets.

TickEase might look like typical tweezers, but it’s made just for the tick-removing job. It’s dual-ended with sharp, thin tips for grabbing small ticks, and it has a slotted scoop for larger or engorged ones. (Gross, but necessary.) Dan designed the tool to comply with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s tick removal guidelines, which advocate using a fine-tipped tool.

Because Dan is a tick prevention specialist who has been bitten over 200 times, he
has plenty of experience to rely on. For over 20 years, he’s been educating people about tick removal and prevention.

Tick populations are growing, and bites are unfortunately becoming more common. It seems like everyone knows a different “trick” to remove ticks, but Dan’s tool is truly the right way to do the job.
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