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Instant relief

2/14/2019 by Kym

Great massager for in-home and travel!


Kinda cool

7/25/2018 by Connie Jo

This is great to have in the car or at your desk to relieve hamstrings and back muscle tension from sitting long periods. Love it


Great to have around

5/23/2018 by Heather

This works well when you’re alone with sore back muscles. I also take it on long flights to lean/sir on. Good buy.


I've been waiting for something like this...

11/27/2017 by Sandra

I have moderate to severe Fibromyalgia. It is an ongoing daily struggle to keep moving. I present from the brain stem base to lower Thoracic areas. I have Trigger Points and Tender Points that punch, kick, and knock me down, day after day. The pain is so bad. My muscles are like stone and refer pain to other areas including severe headaches, light headedness, etc. I have tried so many things to relieve the Trigger Points at home. Tennis balls work to a point, but my Australian Shepherd says they are his to play with. Needless to say, I have resorted to corners of cabinets, hand-held devices, electric stim, Tens Units, and more. When I saw this Tiger Ball, the two things I thought of were is the ball tough, and can I keep it for myself. I ordered based on my gut and reviews. It arrived in good time. Tiger Ball has been a Godsend to me. It helps me bust the worst Trigger Points. It may take several times using it to help, but I do not mind. I have been in Fibro badlands for close to 15 years. It is unforgiving. I love this product more than you could know. Thank you to the designers and promoters. Thank you to Grommet for offering it.



6/3/2017 by BEVERLY

Recd my Tiger Tail today and have already used it a dozen times. Wonderfully clever design, affordable and SO useful! If you've ever tried to use a tennis ball against a wall to work out knots, this tool is 100% better and more effective! I've used an s-shaped trigger-point tool for years and Tiger Tail will replace 90% of what I've used it for. So glad I took a chance and ordered this!


The gift that keeps on giving.

6/2/2017 by erin

I gave this to my boyfriend and I use it everyday. I work out everyday so having sore muscles is a given. The Tiger Ball is my savior.


Don't leave home without it.

3/9/2016 by Jane

I've been using the Tiger Tail everyday to get my painful monstrous knots out. After the first time using it, I was pretty sore for a couple of days...but the good kind of sore. I've never experienced a massage or tool like this. I put pressure on the knot for 10-20 seconds, then I can feel the muscle relax! My shoulders were so tight that it looked like I was shrugging 24/7. I can feel the difference. I'm walking better, my posture is better and can feel my shoulders at a normal level. I work long 12 hour night shifts. On the nights that I work, I toss the Tiger Tail in my backpack and take it with me. When I feel the pain radiating again, I take a quick break and work on my knots. I love the Tiger Tail!


Extremely good

8/20/2015 by Janice

Best thing ever for back and neck kinks. Roll it on the wall up your back, left and right over lower back, hips, and up the neck for sinus problems.



8/5/2015 by Shurrenda

I have used it every single day since it arrived!!! You can work out all the knots and stress!!!
I will be ordering more to give as gifts.



7/18/2015 by Shurrenda

Got it today and couldn't wait to give it a try. . . Oh My Gosh!!! Worth every penny! You will not regret this purchase!

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The Tiger Tail Story

Tiger Tail - Trigger Point Massagers

Roll With It

Muscles in the human body are so interconnected that even one painful knot in your back can tug at your neck, which gnaws at your shoulder, which numbs your arm. Relax. With Tiger Tail therapeutic massage tools, the next time you feel a kink, just roll with it.

Tiger Tail was founded by Spring Faussett, a former D-1 soccer player, whose physical therapists suggested using a foam roller or rolling pin to heal scar tissue after ACL surgery. Instead, she designed a hybrid of the two that worked more efficiently—and she manufactures it in the USA.

The best selling Classic Tiger Tail is a
conveniently sized (18") roller that allows for individualized pressure control. It releases and relieves sore muscles in as little as 4 minutes. The Tiger Ball is a massage ball on a rope. It targets tough areas in the neck and back.

There’s also the Knotty Tiger. . . grrrrr . . . perfect for spot treatment, this baseball sized buster digs deep to alleviate tension.
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