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Tiger Ball Massage-on-a-Rope

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Tiger Tail

5/16/2015 by Deb

I was in a car accident and got t-boned on my left side. After therapy, chiropracters, shots and excercise this has really helped me a lot to focus on my left shoulder. I can get to all the nooks and crannies that have been bothering me for some time. It definitely works!!



4/26/2015 by Cathy

for me this one does the trick. i like the thought that i can do this on my own without having any help. without having to get on the floor like other types. i have let the girls at work try it out and its a 5 star all the way!!
This is a keeper in my books!!


It's magic!

12/16/2014 by Laura

My husband had some muscle cramps on his side before going to sleep. I rolled this over it a few times and it worked it out. He said "that was magic!"


Great product!

9/8/2014 by Deniz

I love this massager. I feel like I don't need my massage therapist anymore.


Releases knots

6/6/2014 by Paula

Works like a charm! My daughter has a place between her shoulder blades that knots up all the time. I gave this to her to use for that purpose. She says she uses it a lot and it helps tremendously!



5/20/2014 by mika

I bought this after finding out how great a lacrosse ball is to massage with but also how difficult it can be to maintain it where you want it. I actually have not needed to get a massage since purchasing this because it allows you to work the areas you want for as long as you want. I love it!!!


Great tool

5/16/2014 by Judy

I have used this several times and am 110% happy with the results! I highly recommend this to anyone who has tense muscles or needs to reach trigger points.


Works well

5/1/2014 by D

Works very well. I have chronic muscle pain & this does help give some relief.


Gets knots out

9/20/2015 by Rebecca

The massage ball does very well to get rid of knots in the muscles in the upper arms and upper back. I think that the rope ust gets in the way though. I also think that the book should come with the massage ball instead of being sold separately.


A Little Tough to Use

10/19/2014 by Linda

I found this hard to maneuver into the right spot, but when I got it, it was really a relief. Lean against a wall while you're adjusting the strap and that helps.

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The Tiger Tail Story

Tiger Tail - Trigger Point Massagers

Roll With It

Muscles in the human body are so interconnected that even one painful knot in your back can tug at your neck, which gnaws at your shoulder, which numbs your arm. Relax. With Tiger Tail therapeutic massage tools, the next time you feel a kink, just roll with it.

Tiger Tail was founded by Spring Faussett, a former D-1 soccer player, whose physical therapists suggested using a foam roller or rolling pin to heal scar tissue after ACL surgery. Instead, she designed a hybrid of the two that worked more efficiently—and she manufactures it in the USA.

The best selling Classic Tiger Tail is a
conveniently sized (18") roller that allows for individualized pressure control. It releases and relieves sore muscles in as little as 4 minutes. The Tiger Ball is a massage ball on a rope. It targets tough areas in the neck and back.

There’s also the Knotty Tiger. . . grrrrr . . . perfect for spot treatment, this baseball sized buster digs deep to alleviate tension.
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