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A marvelous way to get that knot!

5/14/2014 by Mary Beth

I love the Massage-on-a-Rope, as it gives me much greater ability to reach those terribly hard-to-reach places. However, for my frail back, I'm going to have to be careful how hard I dig in and pull back from my usual intensity, as the ball is very hard. Great tool!


VERY well made but ...

9/20/2014 by Annie

This massage on a rope is a great idea and this product is extremely well made with quality materials. However, the ball is too small for me to do much good. And you have to stand against a wall and really bend your knees and go up and down a fair distance to do anything and getting the neck and meaty area just below the neck wasn't easy to do. My knees can't take that dipping! I was very limited with what I could do with it. I wish the ball was half again bigger. I think it could be worked independently of a wall or at least get to places better without having to dip down so far to get a good pressure on bad places. You could get your neck, the small of your back, the area below your neck, etc. with a slightly bigger ball too. It would probably work for a person with young knees. It truly is well made and a great start to an idea!

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The Tiger Tail Story

Tiger Tail - Trigger Point Massagers

Roll With It

Muscles in the human body are so interconnected that even one painful knot in your back can tug at your neck, which gnaws at your shoulder, which numbs your arm. Relax. With Tiger Tail therapeutic massage tools, the next time you feel a kink, just roll with it.

Tiger Tail was founded by Spring Faussett, a former D-1 soccer player, whose physical therapists suggested using a foam roller or rolling pin to heal scar tissue after ACL surgery. Instead, she designed a hybrid of the two that worked more efficiently—and she manufactures it in the USA.

The best selling Classic Tiger Tail is a
conveniently sized (18") roller that allows for individualized pressure control. It releases and relieves sore muscles in as little as 4 minutes. The Tiger Ball is a massage ball on a rope. It targets tough areas in the neck and back.

There’s also the Knotty Tiger. . . grrrrr . . . perfect for spot treatment, this baseball sized buster digs deep to alleviate tension.
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