The Tillow

Pillowed Beach Towel Case of 10

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Reviews (4.4 out of 5 Grommets)

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Love it!

8/6/2017 by Laura

Perfect for a day at the beach! Large and really comfy!


Pillow in my towel

11/7/2016 by Darleen

Love the new swim towel with the pockets and pillow


Great concept

7/9/2016 by Andrew Keith

I love the concept. It would make a great companion for bicycle riders too. In my book, 7 Ways to Bicycle Happiness, on Amazon, I discuss the many ways we can enjoy the great outdoors. My suggestion is a Gambling theme for the towel. Lots of people play cards ona towel.


Lived up to its description

7/8/2016 by D. Sparks

I bought this for a gift. Impressed with the quality and unique features. Perfect for anyone who goes to the beach or pool. I was pleased with the actual buying and tracking experience that Grommet offers. Grommet is now my go-to for unusual and practical purchases. Thank you!


Absolutely love it!

7/4/2016 by Lauren

I absolutely LOVE my Tillow! The pillow is very comfortable, and the towel itself is soft and smooth. The pockets are great, protected my stuff from the sand. So happy I have one!



7/1/2016 by Ellen

Love the towel. Pillow is awesome


Soft but bulky

7/6/2017 by Brandy

I love it and the pockets but the only thing is with the pillow it makes it pretty bulky to carry.


Mostly Awesome

7/1/2016 by Carolyn

Absolutely love the concept. Nice large towel, pillow is great. Only issue I have is that the zipper for the hidden phone compartment sticks every time, to the point where I can't use it because I've nearly broken it. Otherwise, great!



7/1/2016 by fran

I was excited to receive my Tillow. I got one for my beach loving daughter for her birthday, one for me. It seemed perfect to me...initially. Two concerns...difficult to carry with
pillow inserted. Must fold just right and stick in a beach bag. It would have been great if there had been ties for this.
Also, I worry that someone will step on the hidden cell phone. But if you place a beach bag on it when not in use and away from your towel, that should not be an issue.

Other than these two concerns, I would definitely buy it again, and again, and again.


too short!!

8/3/2016 by stephani

this wd be a great idea if i were 5'2" (or shorter). as it is, my feet and ankles end up in the sand--not great if the sand is hot (it is!), or i'm wet from swimming.
i should have paid more attention to the dimensions, i guess.
also can't say i'm thrilled with the design choices; why not something a bit...more sophisticated? solid colors, perhaps, or a simpler single-color-and-white stripe

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The Tillow Story

This towel knows how to relax.

Pillow & Pockets

Next time you’re at the beach or pool, or just sunbathing on the deck, use a towel that’s lounge-worthy. The Tillow is a multi-functional beach towel with a built-in pillow, plus pockets to keep your valuables safe from the elements.

For Maker Katie Everds, going to the beach meant worrying about her stuff every time she left her towel. And to get comfortable, she’d bunch sand into the shape of a pillow. That’s why she created the Tillow.

The contoured foam pillow is removable, with a washable liner that resists water and mildew. And the hidden pockets store your keys, wallet, sunscreen, or
any other small items. One pocket even has a touchscreen window that lets you use your phone while it’s protected.

Pull up a towel and relax with a ready-made spot for your head and for your essentials.
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