2-in-1 Toilet Plunger & Brush Case of 12

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Great Product

8/17/2019 by karen

I have used this product 3 times. It is absolutely wonderful, easy to use and works without using too much energy to do it.


Toilets broom the Best

7/28/2019 by Lynne

Works exactly as advertised. Excellent!


Great tool!

7/21/2019 by Vincent

Only used it once so far but it's perfectly designed for toilets and will help me keep ours much clearer an cleaner.



7/21/2019 by Ina

Now anyone can unclog a toilet. Even my disabled son can do it. Thank you!


I was sceptical

7/19/2019 by Joanna

Worked like a charm. Plunger is great, still getting used to the brush. I wish it fit better in the holder


Check your toilet style

4/27/2020 by Richard

I had purchased it for a front flow unit. However, I also have a backflow unit. It's not been put to a real test yet but seems up to the tasks.


It takes time to get used to it

11/2/2019 by Jaybeto

It doesn't reach under the rim as easily as a brush does. Haven't used it as a plunger yet but I'm guessing it will do the job.


Not what I hoped for

10/31/2019 by Gerald

As I remember the description, there was a picture of the entire head of the plunger going into the toilet pipe and turning down. I can't get more than two or three inches in, not far enough to reach the clog.


not that great as a cleaner

10/22/2019 by Linda

It might be good as a plunger but not that great for cleaning. The head of it flops around too much. You can't get up under the rim of the bowl because of it flopping around.



7/19/2019 by Susan

Different, too flexible, holder falls over. Hard to get brush out.

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The ToiletShroom Story

ToiletShroom v3

In The Pipeline

The toilet plunger was long overdue for an upgrade, and it fits that Maker Solyman Najimi and the team behind TubShroom were perfectly suited to tackle the task.

ToiletShroom has a minimalist design that keeps things flowing. Its one-handed functionality relies on an angled push-pull action—rather than the straight up-down plunger motion—that sidesteps drippy splashback. It doubles as a bowl squeegee when the unclogging’s all done. An included no-touch caddy keeps this two-in-one tool tidily out of sight, but easily on hand, tucked away next to the toilet.