Anti-Nausea Acupressure Bracelet Set

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Functional & Stylish

8/31/2020 by Britt

I travel a lot, and recently I've been getting motion sick. Blisslets were the best! I feel so much better when wearing them. NO more nausea, and they are so pretty! I have the Ana duo, and they pair well with so many outfits. When I had a bit of trouble with shipping, the customer service was so efficient and responded in a timely manner. It was a really pleasant experience. I HIGHLY recommend them!



5/12/2020 by Beth

My cousin has been nauseous for months and has seen several physcians about this and has had several tests, all with no results.
I ordered the bracelets and sent them to him hoping they would work. He has worn them daily and has had NO NAUSEA since.
We highly recommend these "blisslets"!


The BEST Compression bands ever!

12/31/2019 by Carrie

I've been living with frequent severe vertigo for 20 years, and medication doesn't help much.

These compression bands have helped me like a miracle! I am so grateful!



11/22/2019 by Debbie

I get bouts of vertigo so when I felt one coming on I pulled on my Blisslets and life continued as normal. I am so happy.


Beautiful...and they work!

10/20/2019 by Jill

My wrists are 6 inches; I ordered medium but the bracelets were too small. I exchanged them for small ones and they are perfect. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!


Beautiful...and they work!

10/8/2019 by Jill

My wrists are 6"; I ordered small but had to exchange for a medium. (Great customer service!) These bracelets look like jewelry, feel comfortable and really help me with motion sickness, too!


Feeling Great!

9/16/2019 by Silvia

I had several pairs of Blisslets already, but recently got myself a set of these coordinating blue and teal ones because they're so pretty. I've taken my Blisslets with me on cruises around Alaska and the Mediterranean, and found that they really helped when the sea got turbulent. I also brought them with me to the hospital when I had to have surgery because I always get nauseated with anesthesia. I recommend them to everyone I know!



8/30/2019 by Miguel C.

I have the "Sydney" pair. I get motion sickness pretty easily, whether it's sitting at the back of a car, landing in an airplane, or recently getting on rides at Disney World. These have been a huge help in those situations. I had used the other kind before, but these are a big improvement. Very stylish, so I don't feel awkward wearing them like I did with the ones that look like sweat-bands.


Didn’t work - got sick

8/25/2019 by Lisa

I usually use the stretchy fabric bands when traveling, but wanted something more fashionable. When I saw these, I was so excited since I had a vacation coming up. I wore these on the first leg of my flight, and ended up getting horribly sick! Thank goodness I packed the other bands because I promptly put them on for my connecting flight. I am very disappointed in these - I really wanted them to work!

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The Blisslets Story

Blisslets | Anti-Nausea Acupressure Bracelet Set

Feel-Good Fashion

Blisslets are the stealthy, stylish, anti-nausea bracelet sets from Katherine and Bernardo Aparicio. Back in 2010, Katherine was expecting her first baby and, like lots of women, experiencing bouts of morning sickness. Although acupressure wristbands helped, the only ones available were unsightly, conspicuous, and ultimately blew her cover before she was ready to announce her pregnancy.

In 2017, when battling morning sickness again, she took the plunge and—in a fitting span of nine months—Blisslets was born. Teaming up with her husband, Katherine turned to medical professionals, scientific
literature, and focus groups to test the effectiveness of acupressure. With this background know-how, the duo were able to create a drug-free alternative that’s stylish and comfortable. Pull on a pair to help relieve motion and morning sickness and other types of nausea in as fast as five minutes. Read More Read Less