Bean Bag Bucketz

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Bean Bag Bucketz | Bean Bag Basket Toss Game

Toss and Score

This outdoor bean bag game started off as improvised entertainment at the beach. Anthony Esposito and his sons invented a sea-shell toss competition that evolved into an all-time crowd pleaser.

It folds down to a compact, portable size that fits inside an included carrying case so you can play while you’re tailgating, camping, in your backyard or—like Anthony’s family—at the beach. And if that's still not small enough, try the miniature version: B3 Blitz Toss Pong Game.

The game is straightforward. It’s got a single tower with adjustable baskets—each one has a different point value—that you
set up and then toss at. Whether you play individually or in teams, the goal is to make it to 21 points.

Easy to pack and easy to play, the B3 Bean Bag Bucketz Toss Game entertains the whole family.
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