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PlayTape - Classic Road Sample

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Earn your roads!

4/18/2020 by Erica

I've been wanting to order these for awhile! Every summer I think of it as a fun activity for family vacations that doesn't take up a lot of room in the suitcase. But then I get busy and forget. I am helping my sister homeschool her boys now. I created a game for our preschooler. He had to answer quiz questions about the alphabet, numbers, and colors to earn each stretch of road!


Big hit - part one

2/15/2019 by Carol

My four year old grandson loved this so much I had to get the railroad tape also.


This stuff is a hit!

2/14/2019 by Cathleen

My daughter takes this with her to wrestling meets and throws a length on the bleacher seat and kids flock to it with their toy cars.


Grandson enjoyed the road

10/22/2018 by Gail

It was easy to place on the floor and hard to pull up (which was good) but it didn't tear and didn't leave any residue on the floor. I was able to re-roll it on a toilet paper roll and he took it home and placed it on his floor at home.


Great Gift!

10/19/2018 by Debra

I got one of these for each of two of my grandsons, who love HotWheels. They really love running their vehicles on these roads, as well as designing the roads themselves. Neat idea for little vehicle lovers!


you can never have enough!

7/26/2018 by Lillie

This is a great way to encourage imaginary play - right on the living room floor! or wherever..a handful of trucks and a strip of road - vroom, vroom. Good stuff!



7/26/2018 by stacy



Tape to make roads for play card that stick to the floor

7/25/2018 by Martha

The play tape for my grandson was a great hit. My daughter loved it because it was easy to take off when he was finished


Great toy for my grandchildren

7/25/2018 by Rosalind

My grandchildren loved this. They could put it on the floor or the windowsill. When it was removed, there was no mark.



12/18/2017 by Jay

Gave this as a gift to a couple little boys & their daddy who also collects Matchbox & Hot Wheels. They all loved it. Daddy uses his as part of his displays.

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The InRoad Toys PlayTape Story

PlayTape - Roads & Rails

Room to Zoom

With a matchbox car or toy train in hand, kids’ imaginations know no limits. Now there’s a road that can go wherever your child wants to place it—on hardwood floors, carpets, tabletops, couches, and even up the walls.

Made in the USA, PlayTape is the brainchild of Dad and founder Andy Musliner. Inspired by his son’s obsession with things that go vroom, Andy noted that what was missing from his little guy’s collection of cars, trucks, and trains was an easy way to lay down tracks.

Available in several widths to accommodate vehicles of varying sizes and shapes, PlayTape is a roll of easy-tear
tape that looks like a blacktop or railroad and sticks to any flat surface without leaving behind sticky residue. Like painter’s tape, PlayTape is non-damaging and can be repositioned however your child desires.

For playing (and even decorating) at home or traveling on vacation, the possibilities are as endless as a desert highway.
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