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Great board but....

10/17/2020 by Richard

The construction and detail on this board is fantastic. I went camping at Lake Alpine as a kid and my folks built the family cabin about 10 miles from there, so it is a new addition to the cabin. I have only one complaint: for the price they charge for the board, you would thing they would have a nice wooden round-head plug/cap for the pin storage compartment. Just a cork stopper seems a bit cheesy. But not enough to lose a star. Maybe in version 2.0, they could find a way to change the cork stopper to a nice wooden plug.


Very nice

8/15/2020 by Rose

I bought this as a gift for my daughter in law but I have not given it to her yet as her birthday is in October. Her and my son play cribbage often. She is hard to buy for so I will know more after October but if the cribbage board was for me I would be very happy with it. It has the Bay carved in it where I live ---very unique and well made. Thank You. ~Rose
P.S. I will come back and let you know the results of my gift giving if I succeed this time.


Beautiful item

7/21/2020 by Cheryl

Item came out beautifully. It did take some time to ship out. But I understand it was custom made and Covid19 has also caused issues. It was a great (late) fathers day gift!!


The perfect gift

7/9/2020 by Richard

Family just bought a place at Lake Almanor, CA. The cribbage board was a perfect housewarming present. Delighted to find the lake on the list of available choices. Beautiful woodwork, a display piece to be proud of.


Beautiful craftsmanship

6/29/2020 by Heather

This was a gift to my mom for Mother's Day. Took a little longer than expected, but worth the wait. She really enjoys it and brings back her childhood memories of summer at the lake.


Beautiful craftsmanship!

5/8/2020 by Joette

The most amazing gift I have ever given ...hands down!! My husband loved it so much!


top notch

4/7/2020 by Mary D

I was pleased to find the lake where I spent my summers as a kid. The board is well crafted. It will be a gift for my family.


Overall very nice piece

2/17/2020 by Philip

The image on the board is well done and even has roads of the surrounding area. One nit pick, the edges of the board are a little rough, maybe could have been finished a bit better.



1/21/2020 by Judith

I am very happy with my purchase


Just delightful

1/9/2020 by Holly

I got this for my father for Christmas. I was simply amazed about getting to choose as specific of a body of water as I did! It was a joy to combine a game we played together when I was a child and the vey specific and highly detailed lake that he grew up around. He was floored and thrilled. I’m not sure I can top this next year! So beautiful, thank you.

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The Lake Art Story

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Great lakes

These maps aren’t just made for navigating. They are custom-made for commemorating that special lake in your life.

The perfect keepsake for decorating your home, cabin, or cottage, Lake Art wooden wall maps feature intricate details of more than 4,000 lakes including shorelines, two colors, and up to eight depth dimensions. Who would’ve thought bathymetry (the study of the depths and shapes of underwater terrain) could be so beautiful.

The laser-cut maps also depict surrounding towns and major roads giving your lake a sense of place and belonging. Each piece is handcrafted from scratch and
made to order in Harbor Springs, Michigan. Lake Art leaves no lake unfinished—the framing is exquisite. And your lake can even be turned into a cribbage board. Read More Read Less