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Trekz Titanium

Reviews (4.5 out of 5 Grommets)

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8/11/2017 by Reneé

Fit my needs perfectly.


A real game changer...

5/3/2017 by Cindy

I was thrilled with this purchase. I have always had difficulty with earbud. I have very small ear canals which result in a bit of a hearing loss. My hope was that these conduction headphones would eliminate that problem. This is the best purchase I have made, and I have tried many bluetooth headphones.


great product my wife lost her hearing in one ear so this helps her her when watching tv

2/4/2017 by Mark

If you use them for watching TV you might need bluetooth receiver


Great for my ride to work.

2/2/2017 by JJ

I am so glad I came across these headphones. The sound quality is better than I expected, while still giving me the ability to hear everything around me. When I am out riding my bike to work it is important that I can hear all the cars around me. The Trekz Titanium give me the ability to so while also listing to NPR on my morning ride.

Another thing I have enjoyed is not having that feeling of ear buds that can scratch inside your ears. These sit on the outside of your ears making for a more comfortable experience. I have even taken to using these as my phone headset in the office. This is a review for the AfterShokz Trekz Titanium that I received free of charge to do a beta test and review.


Best running headset yet

2/2/2017 by James

For use as a wireless headset while talking on the phone, these are very comfortable headphones. I have worn them throughout the work day without any discomfort at all. The great thing is I can head both the person I am on the phone with as well as the noise in the office so i know if my office mates are trying to get my attention. Further, many of the people I have talked to on these have remarked that the clarity is great.

For running, and cycling I have found nothing that compares and it is all due to the fact that you can hear the world around you. I can hear now if someone is cycling past me while I am running or if traffic is approaching whereas in the past I would turn down or even take off my headphones on trails with heavy foot and cycle traffic.


Great headset

11/25/2016 by Rufus

I have had this headset for about two weeks, they work very well. I use daily for my outdoor running. I can easily hear cars approaching and any other sounds around me.
Very pleased with this purchase and would highly recommend to anyone who wants to here their music or calls, without plugging up there ear canal.


Love them!

10/27/2016 by Connie

We have used these on walks with the dogs, walk/runs on the treadmill and outside runs. They have a great sound and you can still hear what is going on around you (safety!). Highly recommend!!


Band not adjustable

5/23/2019 by Mary

The only complaint my husband has is that the band is not adjustable, and it shifts when he looks up or down. Other than that, he's happy with the quality of the sound and the positioning of the speakers.


Good sound, feel the vibration

11/10/2018 by Ray

Does really well. I was surprised. A little maneuvering with sunglasses though. Have to reposition when active.


A new option :-)

3/4/2018 by Becky

I bought these as a gift for my son who lost hearing in one ear. I will now purchase a pair for myself. They have been great except for one area. The mic doesn’t pick up well in noisy places and it is hard for those on the other end to hear. They have allowed my son to go jogging and hear if cars are behind him and more. I’ve a question for the inventor... have any studies been done on the long range usage and effect on the bones? Thanks for a new option.

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The AfterShokz Story

AfterShokz - Bone-Conduction Headphones

Tune In Without Tuning Out

AfterShokz lets you hear music without having to cover your ears, so you’re free to hear ambient sounds around you.

Joggers can hear cars, animals, and other potential hazards, while office workers won’t find themselves “tuned out” from important conversations. Because the Bluez 2 set is Bluetooth-enabled, there are no wires to worry about, either.

AfterShokz use “bone conduction technology." It was first developed by the military in the ‘80s, and SWAT teams continue to use it today. By sending audio signals through your cheekbones, the vibrations are carried to your audio canal. With normal
headphones, sound goes straight to your ears, which can cause damage in the long run. AfterShokz bypass your ears entirely. The dual-microphone system even lets you talk, hands-free, on the phone.

With a high-tech look (a la Google glass), these headphones are worn on the back of your head. They are comfortably made with sweat-resistant materials. And since nothing sticks in your ear, they don’t interfere with hearing devices, and you can share them with other people without feeling creeped out.

This innovative audio is safe for your ears. . . and the rest of you.
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