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Trekz Titanium

Reviews (4.4 out of 5 Grommets)

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Great idea, but weak execution

5/15/2018 by A E L

Interesting approach to earphones - bone conduction, but it's effective and reasonably comfortable for long term use ... but two weaknesses diminish this instantiation: very short battery life - 6 hrs claimed, but more like 60 mins in practice - and poor programming on bluetooth link. Very challenging to get it to link with the bluetooth transmitter (android phones) and loses the link easily. Compared to Apple Beats wireless phones, this needs help ... bad. The control interface is almost "one button for everything", but it's confusing to get started. Again, they need some good design engineering - like Beats!


The sound is great, and

12/28/2017 by Alexis

it’s wonderful not to have tangled cords, plus I can hear and speak easily while wearing them. The biggest problem/annoyance is the stiff neck “cord”.
Every movement with my head and I feel it. I wish the “cord” was soft and comfortable.
It’s constantly bumping into my shirt or jacket collars. Hopefully, they will address this, or offer options.


Too big for me

8/12/2018 by Paula

Had to return it - there is no way to adjust the size of the headband - when I put it on, everytime I moved my head the band hit my neck - also it was hard to wear it with my reading glasses because I take them on an off a lot - I sure it would be great if it fit


Not well made.

7/25/2018 by Wendy

After 2 weeks of using, only 1 ear worked. Bluetooth was often times very hard to sinc. Not worth the money for us.


Can't Do Anything with Them On

7/7/2017 by Katherine

I was so excited to use this product because ear buds have always fallen out of my ears. I am extremely disappointed in this product. You can't use them in a quiet room full of people because everyone will hear what you're listening to. You can't lean your head back on anything while wearing them or they'll push forward and fall off. They gave me a severe headache after wearing them for only 5 minutes. They are very hard to put on without using a mirror and messed up my hair and made it impossible to have any good hairstyle without it looking stupid. They also don't fit right if you wear glasses. All around terrible product. Waste of money.

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The AfterShokz Story

AfterShokz - Bone-Conduction Headphones

Tune In Without Tuning Out

AfterShokz lets you hear music without having to cover your ears, so you’re free to hear ambient sounds around you.

Joggers can hear cars, animals, and other potential hazards, while office workers won’t find themselves “tuned out” from important conversations. Because the Bluez 2 set is Bluetooth-enabled, there are no wires to worry about, either.

AfterShokz use “bone conduction technology." It was first developed by the military in the ‘80s, and SWAT teams continue to use it today. By sending audio signals through your cheekbones, the vibrations are carried to your audio canal. With normal
headphones, sound goes straight to your ears, which can cause damage in the long run. AfterShokz bypass your ears entirely. The dual-microphone system even lets you talk, hands-free, on the phone.

With a high-tech look (a la Google glass), these headphones are worn on the back of your head. They are comfortably made with sweat-resistant materials. And since nothing sticks in your ear, they don’t interfere with hearing devices, and you can share them with other people without feeling creeped out.

This innovative audio is safe for your ears. . . and the rest of you.
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