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Kickback free Stapler

9/21/2019 by Betty

I ordered this stapler because I have trouble using a regular one. The trigger action caught me. I am thrilled with being able to do my projects. I love to window shop the Grommet site.

I would purchase it again, and I regularly tell people about something I have seen on your site.



7/1/2019 by Dorothy

Very pleased with size and ease of use.



6/27/2019 by Mercedes Gail

finally! a worthwhile purchase.


Fewer missed staples

6/26/2019 by Miriam

Fabulous. I have sore hands and this made it easier to work


Sooooo Pleased

4/30/2019 by Carolyn

I purchased the Kickback-free Staple Gun several months ago. I've had the opportunity to use it on a number of projects. I have arthritis in both hands and struggled to staple things in the past. The Trigger-Fire Stapler has made my life so much easier. I can cock it with two hands, place it where needed and easily trigger it with one finger. You have saved me much pain.


Nice to have a trigger to shoot.

4/23/2019 by David

It is great to have a trigger to use after getting in position. Pushing the handle down and keeping in position is a little difficult at times.. But with the trigger.. you can set the spot and shoot. Wish I had this on a prior job putting in insulation. Would have saved me a lot of time and effort.


Best Trigger Ever

4/2/2019 by Karen

I currently have a this type of gun . If you try to use on a very hard surface it is hard to press. This one works well no jumping when you press. No missed spots because the machine jumped off the project. Best thing of DIY I ever purchased.


Trigger Fire

3/22/2019 by Mark

This is so awesome. It’s easy to place where you want it and it stays there while you just pull the trigger.



2/14/2019 by morris

This stapler is superior to any other I've tried.


Easy to use no-kickback stapler

2/14/2019 by Stevie

Well-made, sturdy. Easy to use. The pre-cocking feature saves on mis-fired, bent staples!

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The TriggerFire Story

Staple anything with one hand.

A New Staple

This staple gun can be operated with one hand and barely any effort. You’ll be able to take on all sorts of DIY projects with more confidence and less kickback.

Unlike traditional staple guns, where you apply pressure and squeeze at the same time, with TriggerFire you squeeze the handle, position, then pull the trigger. This gives you more control for those hard-to-reach areas and a smooth release without the kickback.

To help you work on many different surfaces, there’s an adjustment for the depth drive. You can change it depending on how soft or hard the surface is. When you run out of
staples, it’s easy to slide the bottom compartment and drop new staples in or check to see your staple count. Read More Read Less