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This is one neat stapler!

11/6/2018 by Jim

With the trigger mode you can reach those “hard to get to places” and easily staple. Cock the stapler, position and pull the trigger. What a great stapler...... and the wife likes it too!


Best stapler ever

11/6/2018 by Kathy

I love this stapler. I am going to buy a few for Xmas presents.


Worth more!

11/5/2018 by Ricardo Esparza

This stapler is really a great value! I honestly believe it was mispriced when I bought it. Well made tool for every handyman. I highly recommend it to all!


Staple gun

11/2/2018 by Grae

Easy to use, even for smallish hands. Sturdy.


Easy to use

10/3/2018 by teri

I love using this staple gun. It is SO much easier to use than the one I had used before.
It also came in the mail very quickly.


staple gun

9/29/2018 by Sha

great no kick-back.


Even a 3 year old can use it

8/17/2018 by Susan

I used my new staple gun to secure leather to a chair. It was so easy to use and my 3 year old grandson heard the noise and wanted to help so I set and positioned the gun and he pulled the trigger. We finished the project together and we were both very proud of our work. I would never have been able to use a conventional staple gun because of the hard to reach areas, but with this one it was easy. I definitely recommend it.


Lives up to the description!

8/6/2018 by KATHLEEN

Thetre is absolutely NO kickback! I'm 70 and could easily use this staple gun! always hated using them but I'm looking for jobs to use this fantastic tool on. Thank you very much.


Brilliant stapler

8/5/2018 by MikeR

Now why didn’t I think of this variation of the stapler? Great product


Very good stapler

7/26/2018 by Amol

I needed this kind of stapler to replace ti fabric of my dining chairs. The stapler worked great. It even has embossed instructions to load staples correctly.

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The TriggerFire Story

Staple anything with one hand.

A New Staple

This staple gun can be operated with one hand and barely any effort. You’ll be able to take on all sorts of DIY projects with more confidence and less kickback.

Unlike traditional staple guns, where you apply pressure and squeeze at the same time, with TriggerFire you squeeze the handle, position, then pull the trigger. This gives you more control for those hard-to-reach areas and a smooth release without the kickback.

To help you work on many different surfaces, there’s an adjustment for the depth drive. You can change it depending on how soft or hard the surface is. When you run out of
staples, it’s easy to slide the bottom compartment and drop new staples in or check to see your staple count. Read More Read Less