Kickback-Free Staple Gun Case of 6

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Great for use by young and old.

5/16/2018 by Pam

Excellent at taking the stress off of arthritic hands. simple to use.



3/9/2018 by Mary

I love this stapler! I have very small hands and have always had problems with staple guns. Now that I'm getting longer of tooth, arthritis makes things even worse. I have no problems with this no-kickback staple gun. I may have to use two hands to first set it, but when I actually fire the staple, it's easy and sets solidly.


trigger fire

3/2/2018 by Christine

I gave a try to see if it doesn't kick back. it is nice that is a true product to have. In future, I will get one for my Son-in-law.


Great addition to my tool box

3/2/2018 by Paula

Very easy to use. I've used the traditional staple gun and it would take both hands to shoot it. I love this one I can use one hand with ease.



2/25/2018 by Jan

This delivers as promised. I have arthritis and carpal tunnel. This is easy for me to squeeze the trigger and has not kick back.


Wish these were around 50 years ago!!!

2/13/2018 by John

With the new trigger to use all the guess work of where the
staple is going to go is all gone!! Will be really safe for


Handy Dandy stapler

2/10/2018 by NANCY

I manage a community garden and needed a staple gun I could use to staple the plastic up on the sides of the raised garden beds. I have arthritis in my hands and couldn’t use regular staple guns easily . I couldn’t wait to try it out It was 50 on the thermometer and using my new stapler gun I got 14 beds done out of 46. So far so good hoping the staple gun and are up to the task. I can use this staple staple gun much easier with my arthritis. Thank you. Nancy


Works as promised

2/10/2018 by Kay

This works just as promised. I tried it right away and it was easy and very precise. Easy for a woman to handle and with professional results. Very happy with it and it was made very well.


Trigger Staple Gun

12/7/2017 by Mary

This is great. I love that it has a trigger. You can position it in the right place and pull. It is done perfectly and no wasted staples.


works great!

12/5/2017 by Lawrence

It seems like whenever I'm using a staple gun, many of the staples I put in are at an awkward angle, for example over my head, behind me, etc. Setting the gun in the right place AND squeezing the handle (all the way) to get a good bang is often tricky. And it's not getting easier with age!

So being able to squeeze the handle at a convenient place, and then only having to pull the trigger makes stapling SO much easier.

My only regret is that I'm trying to get one for my son-in-law for Christmas, but they are currently unavailable.

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The TriggerFire Story

Staple anything with one hand.

A New Staple

This staple gun can be operated with one hand and barely any effort. You’ll be able to take on all sorts of DIY projects with more confidence and less kickback.

Unlike traditional staple guns, where you apply pressure and squeeze at the same time, with TriggerFire you squeeze the handle, position, then pull the trigger. This gives you more control for those hard-to-reach areas and a smooth release without the kickback.

To help you work on many different surfaces, there’s an adjustment for the depth drive. You can change it depending on how soft or hard the surface is. When you run out of
staples, it’s easy to slide the bottom compartment and drop new staples in or check to see your staple count. Read More Read Less