180 Degree Flashlight - Original Case of 12

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Totally Great

2/24/2020 by Suzanne

I bought three of these mini flashlights as Christmas gifts for others. Everyone is so happy with them and all have said they are the best flashlight they have ever had. I will certainly be getting myself one very soon.


Its Extremely Bright

2/18/2020 by Elizabeth

Great for walking dogs in dark. AM and PM.
Finding dark objects in car.
Very handy.


Find Your Dog in the Dark!

2/12/2020 by Lynne

I have a Very Black Dachshund who ‘vanishes’ outside in the
dark. I’ve tried many Single Beam flashlights and I can never find her. The 180 TripleLite covers the whole backyard and I see my dog immediately!! I’m ordering again to give this flashlight to all my dog friends.


Smalll & powerful

2/10/2020 by Jaymi

I use this flashlight every morning at 5:00 a.m. when taking my dogs out to go potty. I bought the smaller one and it's very bright. It's made the early morning potty trips much easier when I'm not tripping on things. Most useful purchase I've made in awhile.


SUPER light

2/7/2020 by Kathleen

I saw these and immediately thought about my husband who was taking our puppy out at night for poop walks. It was very important for him to miss the “old visits”, so I got this light for him. At first, it was “WHAT is this?” Once he used it, he admitted, “This is great!” He uses it every time the light is low or dark. And I’ve used it many times. I even bought extra lights when they were on sale just because they are so good.


Amazing, Low Profile Flashlight

2/7/2020 by Elizabeth

I love everything that I have purchased from The Grommet. These flashlights are perfect for me when I take my dogs out at night. The wrist strap is handy if you need to juggle a leash, umbrella etc. They are the perfect size to tuck in a pocket or purse. A great item and would make a great gift.


Small and piwerful

2/7/2020 by Marie

Provides great visibility with wide coverage. Would love to see a “mini-mini” version.


180 flashlight

2/6/2020 by Margaret

I use this flashlight when I walk my dog. There are no lights in the area and it is very dark.. My dog likes to walk at night so this makes our walk much safer. The flashlight makes a wide path of light. Works great.



1/8/2020 by Diane

Love this flashlight, in the evenings or very early in the mornings when I need to take my dog out to do her thing, and she tends to wander under the bushes I don't have to keep swinging my flashlight back and forth. This one has a wide light and I love it! Best investment I've made.



1/6/2020 by Penny

It's great ... best lite ever

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The TripleLite Story

Light It Up

The idea to create a wide beam flashlight was born when Ron Pritchett had a near-miss spill on the basement stairs. He was doing that back and forth motion with his flashlight to sweep light across the entire area in front him, and it caused him to miss a step and nearly fall.

He invented TripleLite to illuminate a 180 degree arc, which matches your field of vision. The curved design gives you major visibility, thanks to three carefully-arranged, ultra-bright LED bulbs. His smart, simple upgrade really was a bright idea.