180 Degree Flashlight - Original Case of 12

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1/8/2020 by Diane

Love this flashlight, in the evenings or very early in the mornings when I need to take my dog out to do her thing, and she tends to wander under the bushes I don't have to keep swinging my flashlight back and forth. This one has a wide light and I love it! Best investment I've made.



1/6/2020 by Penny

It's great ... best lite ever


Great “small” flashlight!

1/3/2020 by Joan

Wonderful bright, broad light in a reasonably compact flashlight. Bought one for my mother and one for my partner. Great for walking the dog at night - helps to see (or scare off) critters like skunks and porcupines before the dog does. Has a handy wrist strap and fits in a bigger coat pocket just fine.


Great Flashlight

1/3/2020 by Sandra

This wide angle helps me see clearly when I go to our storage building at night. I also dropped an earing which went under the bed and I was able to find it quickly with this 180 degree flashlight. I give it 5 thumbs up!


Seem like they'll be good

12/29/2019 by debra

Bought these as stocking stuffers and they seem to work good. Haven't tried them outside at night yet but I think they'll be great.


very useful

12/21/2019 by Deborah

Love this little flashlight, light weight, broad beam of bright light. I use it to walk my dog at night and hand it around my neck with a lanyard. I think it will go through batteries quickly but worth it.


Love this flashlight!

12/21/2019 by Kimberly

I’ve given this to 3 different people that are hard to buy for because they have everything and they All love it! It covers a wide area and it’s really bright!!


Love it!

12/21/2019 by Diane

It's everything I had hoped it would be...bright, clear and wide. I bought one for my daugher as well. I foresee these flashlights getting MUCH use!


Terrific Little Flaslight

12/20/2019 by Shannon

We live in the country in an area where out power service has been shut down numerous times by our service provider, PG&E. We have no street lights, so this little flashlight works great for walking around the house in the dark when we have no lights, and walking outside with our dogs all the time. We can see a wide area as we walk, and I really like the narrower handle, because it’s easier for me to hold.


Better Than I Thought

12/19/2019 by Ralph

...wasn't sure what I would see when I hit the switch...what I saw was the "entire" backyard lit swinging from side to side, everything was already lit up. Picked up a 6-pak and have given them as Christmas gifts...would easily recommend them...including the smaller version

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The TripleLite Story

Light It Up

The idea to create a wide beam flashlight was born when Ron Pritchett had a near-miss spill on the basement stairs. He was doing that back and forth motion with his flashlight to sweep light across the entire area in front him, and it caused him to miss a step and nearly fall.

He invented TripleLite to illuminate a 180 degree arc, which matches your field of vision. The curved design gives you major visibility, thanks to three carefully-arranged, ultra-bright LED bulbs. His smart, simple upgrade really was a bright idea.