Coordination Game - Original Case of 6

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a real hit

6/20/2020 by Roberta

I bought this for my grandson and the whole family loves it!


Well made, it will last forever

6/15/2020 by Gregory

I have been having so much fun with this item, my sweetheart even has a ball with it. I brought 2. I'm giving the other one to my gandson, he is a real steady hand of a guy, I think he can do it on his first try. Thank You, Greg White Sr.


love, love, love it

4/28/2020 by GRACE

It was a little hard to do at first but after I got the hang of what I was trying to do I loved it. I bought two so we can have family duals. It is very relaxing to do because it get all your attention. I will probably buy some more for gifts.


Great fun!

1/1/2020 by Laura

Love Grommet suggestions..


Bought for the kids, adults loved it

1/1/2020 by Stephen

I purchased 2 of these for young kids. The kids weren't that excited but all of the adults played with them. Best non-electronic game ever.


Challenging & Fun

1/1/2020 by Deanna

Ordered 1 original & 2 travel sizes, all were a little different balance wise. Gave the family a good challenge.


So much fun!

1/1/2020 by Kelly

Lots of fun!


Coordination game==GREAT!!

12/26/2019 by Diane

I bought this challenging game for my two grandchildren. My granddaughter was able to solve it within five minutes, her father also solved it in about that same amount of time. The other grandchild, mother, and grandmother are still working on it. This is a very challenging fun game for the entire family to challenge each other to see who can win and get from the novice to the super smart level!


Lots of fun for adults!

12/26/2019 by Lee

I ordered 2 of these. I have a very competitive family and I knew there would be challenges as to who could complete the quickest. There were 3 generations playing with them over the holidays! I came home empty handed and will order another for myself.



12/26/2019 by Ruth

This White Elephant gift was opened Christmas Eve and everyone wanted a chance to play with it. What an amazing time everyone had trying to balance it. My grandson did do it once. But that was all. It was hit of the evening.

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The TrueBalance Story

TrueBalance | Coordination Game

Challenge At Hand

TrueBalance and TrueChallenge put the balancing, twisting fun in your hands. And once you pick up one of these puzzle-meets-toys, you won’t want to put it down.

Makers Henrik Deterberg and his daughter Linea invented TrueBalance as a rehabilitative tool for folks recovering from brain injuries and strokes. While it did the job of working fine motor skills, the Deterberg’s learned others were simply playing with it for fun. The handheld balancing toy-meets-brain teaser is endlessly fun. The objective is to get the rotating magnetic discs to stack up. Sounds easy, but as we learned, it's
not—which makes playing with it so engaging. Instead of stacking, TrueChallenge is all about spinning. This handheld puzzle toy was originally invented by a rocket scientist and harnesses the attraction and repulsion of magnets. Twist and turn it to get all magnetic pieces to attract. It’s as challenging as it is captivating, and will keep kids (and some adults) busy trying to solve it. Read More Read Less