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A good challenge

2/13/2019 by Kathleen

I gave this as a gift to an older child challenging and entertainment. Adults seem to enjoy using it as well.


Interesting game.

2/13/2019 by Sandra

Grandson loves it, so do the other grandkids.


I sure every one will love it

1/28/2019 by Judy

Just got it and have only tried it a couple times and having made it yet. Should be a real challenge.


Harder than it looks

12/31/2018 by Carol

This item should have a safety warning. It is fun but can be a bit dangerous. One can be hit in the face or head if it isn't held far enough away.


Got several of different sizes

12/26/2018 by AL

These are great fun for all ages. Very entertaining. Unfortunately one broke after about 10 minutes.


Students love it

11/19/2018 by Connie

My students love it and ask to play with it every day. I actually bought this one and a blue mini and would have not bought the mini as the handle fell off it the first day


Inconsistent construction

1/1/2020 by Kara

I purchased 2 coordination games to give as gifts for Christmas. I did not open either box and just wrapped them up when they arrived. One was for my boys and the other for my brother’s family. When we opened ours, on Christmas Day, we struggled to solve the puzzle, but did not think much of it as we knew we would need to practice. When my brother opened his package, we were all able to solve his puzzle almost instantaneously each and every time anyone attempted it (both adults and kids alike). We are still unable to solve our puzzle as the top 3 pieces appear to swing wildly not allowing us to solve the puzzle. I am very disappointed with the inconsistency and want a puzzle that is challenging to solve, but is solvable.


Great, but not exceptional.

11/2/2019 by Myles M.

This was not as challenging as I thought it was going to be. Perhaps if I had purchased the double I would be more satisfied.


Great for hand/eye coordination.

4/29/2019 by Kim

Fun toy, lots of laughs but not as hard as it looks.


Too heavy

3/3/2019 by Suzanne K.

I bought 2 of these, because I want 1 for my grandchildren and the other one is for the students at the elementary school where I volunteer. All agree that it is too heavy, and very difficult to balance the discs. My old, arthritic hands can't hold it. I should have gotten the smaller size, and let the kids build up to the larger one.

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Makers Henrik Deterberg and his daughter Linea invented TrueBalance as a rehabilitative tool for folks recovering from brain injuries and strokes. While it did the job of working fine motor skills, the Deterberg’s learned others were simply playing with it for fun. The handheld balancing toy-meets-brain teaser is endlessly fun. The objective is to get the rotating magnetic discs to stack up. Sounds easy, but as we learned, it's
not—which makes playing with it so engaging. Instead of stacking, TrueChallenge is all about spinning. This handheld puzzle toy was originally invented by a rocket scientist and harnesses the attraction and repulsion of magnets. Twist and turn it to get all magnetic pieces to attract. It’s as challenging as it is captivating, and will keep kids (and some adults) busy trying to solve it. Read More Read Less