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Drain Hair Catcher Case of 6

Reviews (4.4 out of 5 Grommets)

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So simple and so incredible!

8/9/2017 by Pat

This peaked my interest when I first saw it. It works just as described and collects hair better than anything I've used before. Great idea!


Long hair, no problem!

7/16/2017 by Cindy

Works great! No nasty stuff clinging to the top of the usual hair catching drains hindering soap and shampoo from going down. This new design is amazing!


So much better than what I used to use

7/16/2017 by Mark

In my tub, hair caused major problems, and major repairs. I originally bought something at home depot that covered the drain. It caught the hair, but it also caught the soap scum. The shower still took a long time to drain and clean.
But with this little beauty, the water goes down easy, no soap scum residue and it catches the hair. A breeze to clean. Highly recommend.


Finally a product that works

7/8/2017 by Cherie

I am so thankful for this product it lives up to its claim it has been a lifesaver and a money saver and has kept more hair from going down or drain than any other product we have tried


Has saved a large plumbing bill!

7/6/2017 by Kathleen

The Shroom is an amazing piece of tub technology. My daughter regularly grows her super thick hair out for Locks of Love. As it grows, it can clog up the shower in a matter of days! Now anyone in the family just lifts up the Shroom, cleans off all the hair and then we are back in business! No more standing in a pool of water because the shower won't drain fast enough. I have bought many things through Grommet, most alot more money. I can honestly say though that out of all of those things, this was the best! If you don't have one, get one, you won't regret it! Today I just saw the sink ones, I have 3 bathroom sinks that would love that! YEAH SHROOM! WAY TO HIT THIS OUT OF THE PARK!


Works great!

7/5/2017 by Erica

I love this thing!


works like it said it would

7/5/2017 by David

easy install and both my wife and daughter can pull this out of the drain after their shower and clean the hair off so it doesn't clog the drain anymore!! I am glad that I made this purchase.


Absolutely fabulous!

7/4/2017 by Marge

This has to be one the most useful items I have ever purchased. I have always hated having to clean hair out of tubs and sinks so when I saw this I had to try it. Absolutely fabulous. Easy to clean and easy to use. I tried to order more but they are on back order. Evidently others like them as well as I do!


Hair grabber

7/3/2017 by Kenneth

Yes this works and hair used to pass by the metal strainer I had. Hope I have zero need for the rooter anymore.


A very good hair catcher

7/3/2017 by Lillie

I really like this hair catcher. My tub doesn't allow it to go very deep because of the way the drain functions but the catcher still catches and holds the hair. I would recommend this item. The hair is easy to remove.

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The TubShroom Story

The only ‘shroom you want in your bathroom.

Clog-Free Drains

Hair left behind in the tub or circling the drain is an everyday nuisance, but TubShroom’s drain hair catcher has it covered. With this flexible silicone plug, you won’t be looking at wads of wet hair—or having chronically clogged pipes.

It fits into your drain, replacing the standard metal hair catcher or stopper in your tub or sink. Its spool-like shape snags hair around it, below the surface where you can’t see it, but before it reaches the pipes. Though the hair is captured, holes allow water to still flow. Pull the plug out and wipe off any hair with a tissue once or twice a week. Pop it
back in, and you’re good to go. The new Kitchen SinkShroom is a flexible, stainless steel kitchen sink strainer that doesn't slow the flow of water so now you can keep all drains clog-free from your bathroom to kitchen sink.

Take four humans and add two hairy pets—a German Shepherd and a shower-loving, super fluffy cat—and you’re prone to some serious clogs. This is what spurred Elena Karnegie and her husband Serge to create TubShroom. Nothing they tried could catch all of the hair in their household, so they created this little wonder-working plug.
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